Why Do You Post Pictures of Everything You Eat?

When I FIRST started blogging, I Created the Photo Diet Challenge as yet another way for me to be held accountable!

I had read somewhere that Carrie Underwood stays fit by keeping a food log!
She keeps track of EVERYTHING she eats... and then when she feels the snackies later in the night - she looks through her food journal and remembers all the things she ate during the day!

I bought a food journal and tried that for awhile...

 It worked great. For like a week.

But then I found myself "lying" to the journal, leaving things out...

Somewhere along the way I had the idea that, HEY if I take a PICTURE of everything I eat, I CAN'T lie.

Plus, I have my phone with me EVERYWHERE... It's much less awkward to take a picture of your food, than to pull out a food diary at the dinner table!

So you may be thinking, this girl is CRAY she puts all her food up here everynight, Why do I want to see her food???

My answer to this is: my blog is a functioning journal.

If you post pictures of what you eat too, I will understand ;)