Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What She Ate 12/18/12: Christmas Candy Edition

I wish I could post a sign on the door at my work that says:

Ms. Dani will NOT be accepting Candy or Baked goods as a Holiday Gift. Please check your unwanted sugary morsels in the trash. 

Thank you, and have a Skinny Holiday. 

But I feel like that would be rude???

I have the WORST time NOT eating "gifts"!

I started my day with the best of intentions, with fresh rasperries for breakfast

& eating this salad for lunch

& at work after I had a banana as a snack, I was given this:


A Box of Chocolates from See's Candies from an ADORABLE kindergartner who even drew a picture on the back of the box!!!!!

My first instinct was to regift the box to my boyfriend or dad...

But then I took a bit out of each chocolate. 


Should I feel guilty about eating these edible gifts? Or should I enjoy them while I can?


  1. I say enjoy them; denying yourself the treats overt the holidays will be counter productive. Enjoy yourself and pick up where you left off in the New Year :)


  2. I call enjoying them. Kids are gonna grow up become punks and not give lovely gifts no more :P Though they could be replaced by new kids :O

    Have a good one, merry Christmas!


  3. I haven't put up a sign but I have asked friends and family not to give/bring any sweets/chocolates and so far I've been lucky. I know that I would have a hard time resisting ...