Sunday, March 31, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Going STRONG!!!

I am almost HALF WAY DONE with my challenge!!! Can you believe it!??

I feel GREAT so far, my body feels so healthy & light!

Not only that, but I've become allot more conscious about what I'm eating and aware of how much excess I was taking in before!!

Here is a Pic of me at 138 lbs! I haven't posted a pic in a while but I see a BIG change in my body and even the shape of my face!!

Yes this is an extremely ghetto mirror pic of me standing on my shower to get a picture in the mirror....


I hope everyone had a happy Easter!! I made some GREAT choices today! I wish I would have taken pictures!!!

Some examples: 

1. I knew my family was preparing a fruit salad with marshmallows in it, so I prepped a separate/healthier fruit salad!!

2. My family also had a green bean casserole, and I brought my own dish of fresh, steamed green beans!!

3. I butchered the honey baked ham my family served, to get pieces that weren't touched by the sugary glaze!!!

I hope everyone had a fun, happy and healthy Easter!


  1. You look amazing!! Great job & keep it up :)
    (By the way, love that hairdryer!!)

  2. I hope you had a healthy Easter too! You look great! Are you doing some cycling or other sports in addition to your diet?