Monday, March 4, 2013

Weightlifting & Photo Diet!

Today I went to another weightlifting class!

Not only because I still really need to learn to work on technique, but I ALSO am STILL feeling under the weather. 

I feel like my cold has taken a turn for the worst!

But it's not enough to keep me out of the gym :)

So for the weightlifting class today we worked snatch and power clean. Basically you do however many reps it says, (say, 3?) then you sit on a bench and talk for about 1 minute - 1 min. 30 seconds. 

Then you go again!

The whole time you focus on form and technique. 

I snatched 55 lbs for my 70%

& 65 lbs for my 80%

For the Cleans, 

70% - 85 lbs

80% - 95 lbs


Today was an AWESOME food day for me... UNTIL the night!

 Breakfast: Strawberry, Banana & whole Milk smoothie

 Lunch: Veggies & Grilled Chicken

Work Snack

 Dinner: Burrito Bowl: Veggies, Chicken, Black Beans, Guacamole, & Cheese

 Fat Free Frozen Yogurt from Yogurtland. 

Probably should NOT have gone for the frozen Yogurt tonight.... but I was craving somthing sweet! ah!

Also, tomorrow my friend is celebrating her 1 year anniversary of working at the school I work at, by bringing PIZZA. 

I told her I would eat some...

But my goal for tomorrow is to be able to eat the Pizza and BOUNCE BACK from it!

Sometimes on days where I cheat, it sends me into a spiraling binge.....

So I'm hoping to be able to eat the pizza for lunch and then go back to eating clean for the rest of the day :)

Yay for setting goals for the moth and struggling with them already! ;)

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  1. Your meals look good!
    Sounds like an intense Oly lifting class!