Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eat Garbage, Feel Like Garbage

My Eating has been TERRIBLE!!!

It seems like I have NO control over my mouth anymore. 

Old habits have snuck back up on me - 

In the past 3 weeks I have a total of 3-4 healthy days. 

I have still been working out... But I have felt AWFUL!

Boyfriend's eating has been pretty crappy too, and when I complain about how I feel, how my face has broken out, how I'm CONSTANTLY bloated, He says:

I have been stuck in a rut I just CANNOT get out of!!

Is it my lack of routine without school?

Is it that I've been going out to eat/ice cream too much with friends?

Too many BBQ parties??


I need to get my mind set straight again about what's important. 

It's IMPORTANT to eat Healthy. 

It's IMPORTANT to feel good about yourself, and your choices. 

It's IMPORTANT to keep off the weight it took you a year to lose. 

It's IMPORTANT to be a role model to the people around you. 

I need to keep these in mind. 


  1. Hi Dani! Have you tried food journaling? For 2 or 3 minutes a day, it works wonders. ~~Marion

    1. That's a good idea!! I'm definitely going to try something along those lines! Thanks Marion :)

  2. Pick yourself back up and get right back to it!

  3. I get into these funks once in a while, too. I suggest starting with a few small healthy changes and the rest will follow if you let it. Good luck!!

  4. Hi there, New reader to your blog. I have been feeling the same way recently and have had a very bloated stomach for the last couple of days. I just started my blog in order to help me stay accountable. Keep up the great work

  5. You're right, it's important. That's a word I don't attach to being healthy when I talk about it and I should. You'll get back on track ....I know you will.

  6. That is so true isn't it! I need a little angel on my shoulder telling I'll feel better if I eat healthy.