Monday, July 22, 2013

Tabata Workout, Couples Yoga & Food Log!


The workout I did today was a Tabata wod, if you have a HIIT timer it's SO easy to do!

20 seconds non stop work, then 10 seconds rest - 8 rounds. 
It ends up being EXACTLY 12 Minutes long!!! 

Jeff and I have a new goal (because I need motivation to stretch and be more flexible) to conquer one partner yoga pose a week!!

This week we started with the easiest one we could find and we will move our way up!

I love coming up with new ways to challenge each other and keep that healthy mindset as a couple!


I have decided I HAVE to go back to logging my food (via pictures). 

I am determined to lose the last 10-15 lbs!!

That being said, I did very well on my eating today. 

My percentages were just about perfect. 

I eat to my body - and the best way for me to maintain weightloss/lose weight. 

For my body, eating a lower carb and higher fat/protein diet works amazing!

  Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled over Broccoli

 Lunch: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs w/ 1 cup of Strawberries

 Snack: Some old Watermelon

Dinner: Grilled Pork Chop & More Brocolli

 Dessert: Cookie Dough Quest Bar!! 
I LOVE these things!!! I bought them today in case of emergencies to keep me from eating sweets!
Of course I had an "emergency" tonight and HAD to crack one open! ;)

If I ate like I did today EVERYDAY I would lose eight pounds in 5 weeks. 

That would be AMAZING!

How was your workout today??

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  1. New to your blog in the last few weeks. I have the last 14lbs to lose so I am really relating to your journey. You have inspired me to start using myfitnesspal again. If only I could get my eating on track...

    Congrats to being in control and making such progress