Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rest Day & Photo Diet!

Boyfriend was sick with the Flu all last night & today, so I skipped my workout to go keep him company as he was recovering and take him a little care package!!!

Dark chocolate, one of his favorite movies The Wedding Singer & some zzz-quil which I think is absolute GENIUS! He seriously slept all day on this stuff!

Him snuggling with his dog, isn't it amazing how dogs can detect how we are feeling?! Just another reason to LOVE them to pieces!

Photo Diet:

Breakfast: Omelette. sliced avocado & raspberries!

 Snack: Banana

 Lunch: Chicken & Green Beans

 Snack: Frozen Yogurt! Probably allot of sugar hidden in this even though it's advertised as "healthy"...It was worth it!

Dinner: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Avocado Sand which on Whole Grain Bread & Baked Sweet Potato Fries!

Tomorrow the workout looks REALLY awesome so I have to convince myself to get my butt in the gym even if Boyfriend still isn't feeling well!!!

Also, tomorrow I FINALLY get my bed!!! YAY no more mattress on the ground! (as you can see from the back of my banana picture)

ALSO, I bought a scale today, and it's NOT digital!

At target, all the digital scales were $20 + and the non-digital scale was only nine bucks!!!

So far it said I weighed 145, which would be about right if I weighed in after eating & drinking this morning and afternoon!

I will have to do a weigh in this Feb :)

Last but not least, my SPARTAN RACE is this Saturday!! Can you believe it!!!???

Arizona Spartan Sprint obstacle course trail race

 Back in July when I signed up it seemed SO FAR AWAY!!!

I am beyond excited!!!


  1. Aww, hope he feels better. Good luck with the Spartan Race too; that looks insane!

    Jamie at The Zombie Fitness Blog

  2. The Spartan race looks like so much fun!!!

    Hope the boyfriend feels better soon :)

  3. That race looks intense! Hope your bf feels better soon!

  4. YOu are too sweet for the getting better basket. Looks like y ou are still doing fantastic with your diet!!
    Wuv you girly

  5. Hey Dani! Your diet is looking awesome! And yes, dogs can sense absolutely everything! Not only when you are sick but also when you are sad or even bored. I constantly rely on my two doggies, they are the best!!

    Have a good week hope your boyfriend's feeling better soon!