Monday, February 4, 2013

Workout, Food & Scenes From the Weekend!

Moving... Moving is NOT FUN!

My Family began our move on Thursday and we are STILL not done!!

 The "moving" look... Un-showered and lookin like crap!

In the midst of packing!

The view of my new room on Friday. YIKES

Needles to say, I am  little more moved in now. Once I get my bed on Wednesday I will share pics of the new room/house! 

Also, Boyfriend did a Crossfit Competition this weekend and did awesome!!

It's always so fun to watch him compete and see how much stronger he's gotten & how much he's grown as a Crossfitter! He inspires me to push harder in the gym and everything that I do!

Workout 2/4/13

This was a fun wod. 

It felt REALLY great to get back into the swing of things considering I only worked out 3 times last week - and ate like CRAP since Thursday... Especially at the Super Bowl party I went to!


Today I was on an unplanned fruit & veggie cleanse for most of my day (besides some peanut butter) because we had packed everything AND all our food.. But left our pots and pans at our old house!!! AHH!

It was so frustrating to see the food I wanted to eat and have no way to cook it!

 Breakfast: Milk, Banana, & turkey 

Lunch: avocado, banana & peanut butter

Snack: apple & peanut butter!

Dinner: Beef & Broccoli with carrots & water chestnuts

I am however, happy that I was able to eat healthy today!!!

Hooray for health!!!!

What made you happy about your day?!


  1. That crossfit looks insane! Glad the move is going well though :)

    Jamie at The Zombie Fitness Blog

  2. Good luck with the rest of your move!
    Congrats to your boyfriend on the CrossFit competition! Great pix :)