Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yesterday was Cheat Day... Already!

I can't believe there is only one more day until my Spartan Race!!!


Also, I am a little bummed with myself, because I give myself one big "cheat" for the week and I ate it YESTERDAY!

Milkshake from Iceburgs

I usually wait until Friday or Saturday so I have something to look forward to....

So now it feels weird to have no yummy desserts in my near future?

I am such a fat girl at heart. Which is why I have to keep my photo diet!

But also... I ate a cookie today. 

I guess you could say I have been struggling with my diet lately!

During my move I ate like CRAP and now it seems like I am constantly craving that crappy food.. and COFFEE!

I have officially been coffee free for a whole month and my mornings still seem so BIZARRE without it!

Photo Diet from Wed & Thurs:

I wasn't able to photograph every meal, but I ate pretty clean for the most part!!!

Also yesterday I squatted for my 1 rep max and reached 135lbs! I was soooo happy!!!


  1. Congrats on your squat PR!!
    You're doing really well with your food overall. Don't stress about what happened, just focus on the next step forward.
    Wishing you the BEST of luck on the Spartan Race!! Go Dani!!! :)

  2. All of that food looks really yummy! I have grown up on healthy food and my husband and I enjoy cooking it too. I am craving some ice cream now! Haha. Happy Friday!!

  3. My inner fat girl gets to come out on special occasions, I never let her eat anymore ;) If I didn't have my blog and take pictures of meals, yikes. Just knowing that other people are going to be looking at what I'm eating every day is a huge motivator to stay on track.