Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wod, Motivation by an Old Frenemy & Photo Diet

First Things First, Today's Wod:

I loved this wod. It was CHALLENGING!
I did the rx 95 lbs cleans... It definitely held me back from getting a score with higher reps... But I felt AWESOME actually being able to do the "rx" version of a workout!

 Have you ever had a friend whom you loved dearly...but also felt like there was some sort of unspoken, secret competition going on between the two of you?

Well I have had a few of those friends before in my life!

Last night I was cruising around on instagram, and saw that one of my old friends (frenemy) was now doing Crossfit and eating Paleo!!!

If it was any old friend of mine, I would have been SO happy for them. 

And I AM happy for her....

But what REALLY happened was I jumped off my lazy butt, did a late night meal prep for the week:

See! All filled with steamed veggies, sliced fruit, washed spinach and chicken!

Then when I woke up this morning I ate my usual scrambled eggs, but WITH brocolli... AND NO CHEESE!

I love cheese, so that was quite the accomplishment for me. 

Then for lunch I had a spinach and chicken salad with some new no sugar added organic dressing from sprouts:

Snacked on an Apple.....

And ate a healthy dinner at the boyfriends house after my wod:

With a dessert of Pineapple, while I watched the newest episode of- The Following!

Who knew that my motivation would return with a vengeance, just from seeing one of my old frenemies from high-school decided to jump on the healthy train?

Do you have any Frenemies? 

A little competition never hurt anyone....


  1. It's happened to me once or twice; I think a bit of healthy competition is fine to spur you into action, so long as it doesn't turn too competitive :)

    Jamie at The Zombie Fitness Blog

  2. Nothing like a bit of competition to give you an extra push ;)
    That WOD sounds great! I'll have to give it a try!

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  4. Sometimes we need that little extra push for motivation to kick major ass! Your dinner has my mouth watering right now!


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