Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BACK From Vacation!!!

First things first:

Hello to all my new followers!!! 

While I was on vacation, it seems I have got quite a bit if action here!!!

I will do my best to write back to everyone who left me a comment!

I had an AMAZING time in Huntington Beach with my friends!!

My boyfriend doing the "girlfriend" over head squat with me!!!

I Played beach volleyball with my friends in a BIKINI

 Was in the audience at the Jimmy Kimmel Show!!!

 Saw a 30 Seconds to Mars Concert!!

And most importantly I had the most DELICIOUS cheat meal at Ruby's on the Pier!

I'm so happy!

I can't remember a time when I was ever "satisfied" with my body.

I always felt like I had something to be ashamed of, and that if my body wasn't perfect I COULD NOT wear a swim suit in public (comfortably).

I have been working hard on transforming my body for the past 7-8 months, and for the first time ever I WAS NOT ASHAMED OF MYSELF!!!!

I wore my bikini, played beach volleyball, football, and jumped in the waves without a care in the world!!

I even let myself be photographed which is HUGE because I used to rather be dead than have a photo taken of me in a swim suit.

I even put it on face book and instagram.... MY PERSONAL ACCOUNTS!!!

Also, the nicest thing ever happened, one of my good friends from high school texted me and told me my body looked great! I thought that was SO nice, and instead of brushing off her compliment, I remembered a talk I heard at a meeting I had for work with my school district.

A inspirational speaker named Gale said "life is too short, so from now on when someone gives you a compliment look into their eyes and tell them thank you and how much it means to you".
This hit me hard because I have ALWAYS been one of those people who brush aside compliments.

So when I got that text  I said "thank you so much, that is SO nice to hear! I have been working really hard, thank you!"

I'm so happy I have taken the steps in my life I needed to be a healthier, happier and more confident person. 

I may not be exactly where I want yet, but I'm enjoying the journey!!!!!

(the picture on the left is REALLY blurry sorry)

Here is a picture on my boyfriend and I last summer on the beach and THIS summer on the beach!!

Even though the cropping made it blurry, You can still see some of the difference!

I have lost 19 lbs since then and I actually wore a bikini on the beach!!! 

What is your favorite vacation spot?


  1. Love this post! Your happiness just jumps off the page -- and I'm SO happy for you too :) Glad you had a great time!

  2. You look awesome :) Your new follower

  3. Hi there I found you on the Non-Scale Victories! Your thumbnail made me click on you so kuddos to a great thumbnail! I started reading some of your recent posts and you've got a new follower. I love your summer before and after pictures. Awesome job!!

  4. Your results are awesome, and your hard work has definitely paid off!! I think it would have to be amazing to be care free in a bikini, and if I looked like you do in one, I would be carefree! Thanks for linking up!!

  5. You look wonderful and should be SO proud of yourself! I love the compliment quote and I am going to try to do that, too! Thanks for posting and glad you had such a great time!

  6. You should be proud! You look amazing and have worked really hard to get there!

  7. Holy moley! Congratulations on all your success! Not only do you look great but you look like you FEEL great too! Bikinis are a long way off for me so for now I'll live vicariously through you :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog!!! :)

  8. You have done so amazing! Looking great girl!

  9. You are looking so great and it looks like you had an amazing trip! It really hit me when you wrote that you couldn't remember the last time you felt satisfied with your body. I'm so happy for you that you feel good about yourself now and will rock that bikini!

  10. Wow! You look so good and I LOVE that lesson about taking compliments! Why do we do that to ourselves? If someone took the time to say it, we can take some time to enjoy it. :) Great victories!


    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by :) xo

  11. your before and after photos are amazing! Congrats on that!
    oh and found you via Follow Friend Friday :D
    Have a great weekend!
    Keia @

  12. You and your boyfriend are so awesome! I love the before and after! I am so happy that you have a healthy lifestyle now. The girlfriend overhead squat is very impressive! Keep it up you two.. you are inspiring... :)

    Have a great memorial day weekend.

    hugs xx

    Crystelle Boutique

  13. Just came across your blog.
    Great first post to read!
    You have done a great transformation!
    You look very good and FIT!
    It's so great when you start to feel comfortable in your skin!
    Well my favorite vacation spots usually include beautiful caribbean water like Bahamas
    but I also loved Europe (Rome & Paris) when I went!
    I just love traveling lol.
    Love that quote also to always accept compliments!