Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Day of the Paleo Challenge Re-cap! Yoga, Food & Workout!

Started out my Morning with some YOGA!

 Was running late for my first Final so I had a breakfast of the last of my trail mix...
See my post HERE on why you should make it yourself!

 Lunch I packed to work: Greek Chicken Salad! Hummus, Chicken, Red Onions & Cucumber on top of Romaine. 
 Afternoon Snack: Orange
 Dinner: Taco Salad

Then I worked out at CrossFit!

Me warming up with 85lb power cleans! My friend video taped me because I hadn't cleaned in a while & my form was off! 


After CrossFit the boyfriend and I had a delicious Strawberry Post Workout Smoothie!!
(It felt like DESSERT!) 
Strawberries, Vanilla Protein Powder, Whole Milk. 
(yes I'm doing milk on the challenge this time, will explain soon)!


  1. We do milk too, except we changed it to almond milk. We also allow quinoa and brown rice in our Paleo diet. Oh and corn too :-) Because there are some things I refuse to give up!

  2. After all this time at CrossFit my Cleans still suck! :( I dread them! Hope your final went well.