Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly GOALS!

What better way to start the first day of my 30 day challenge than by setting some goals!!!!

Goal #1
Start out my 30 Day Paleo Challenge STRONG!!!

Today is Day 1!!!!

Goal #2
Save Money
This is me in Cali Last Summer! I am READY to go back looking thinner & fitter!!!
I have a California Trip & a HUGE Disney Trip coming up....
Can you say Expen$ive????

Goal #3
Get to the Gym FOUR times this week, not 3.
Lately I have been slacking on getting my butt to the gym!!! My goal is: Mon, Tue, (rest wed) Thur & Friday!

What are your goals for the week?

Operation Skinny Jeans


  1. When will you be in California? I'll be LA and San Francisco in June/July!

    1. I'll be in California at the end of this week!!!!!! :) In Huntington Beach! Your from out of the country aren't you!?