Friday, May 10, 2013

Bacon for Dinner

Today I had a LONG, LONG day. 

I'm a spoiled person when it comes to jobs..  I get to be active & play with kids!

BUT TODAY, I had to go into a training from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


My legs and butt were so cramped, and my stomach started to feel bloated and my back started to get achey from sitting up straight in a chair and working/testing/listening for all that time!!

I seriously have new respect for anyone who works a desk job, and am SO GLAD I am majoring in education.... a Job that requires you to move around frequently!!!!

 Breakfast was 2 fried eggs & broccoli! 

These are the things I packed to the training today for lunch & snacks!!!

Was it weird being the only person at the training NOT taking the free starchy/sugary snacks & eating fresh foods out of tubs?

Yes, I will say it WAS a little weird. 

Was it worth it?


While everyone there munched on cookies & crackers & candy all day, I ate like a KING!


After a long day sitting, bored out of my mind I decided I deserved a treat!!!
I came home, stretched and I made guacamole and dipped bacon in it. 


For a "workout" tonight I played volleyball with some friends from high school!!

It was allot of fun!!

In the beginning I was afraid to go after the ball, but by the end I was actually getting into it!!

and WOW volleyball really works up a sweat! I'm going to try and play games like that more often!

Hope ya'll had a great day!

It's amazing how sitting at a desk all day can really wipe you out!


  1. A volleyball game with friends sounds like a great way to burn off some calories and have fun! Question - for your chicken and broccoli, how many days in advance did you prepare it? Did you just make 1 portion or did you make a few portions for days to come? Just curious to know how long it keeps and stays tasting good. I still need to work on preparing my lunches in advance.

    1. What I did this week was grab a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store! I take it all off the bone the night i buy it (it will go bad faster on the bone) and I eat it within a week of buying it!!! Same with the veggies I cook, anything I don't eat within 5-7 days of cooking gets trashed!

      Usually when I have more time I will pick up a bag of frozen chicken breasts from the store and barbeque them ALL at once and keep them in the fridge! These have lasted me up to a week/ a little more.... I noticed the rotisserie chicken goes bad faster!

      I too am still experimenting with food/storage & meal planning!!!

  2. Came upon your blog by happenstance, but I am soo glad I did and you impress me to no end! To remain motivated for such a long time is really impressive. I'm gonna go drink some water and work out now. Thanks for the tips and motivation!

    1. I'm so glad you felt motivated by me!!!! :) That is so sweet! I havehad my ups and downs but sticking with it for this long has been AMAZING! Thanks for stopping by :)