Saturday, November 10, 2012

NEW Recipe: Easy Paleo Pancakes!!

Yes, it's the weekend!

What does this means??


This recipe was SO EASY & TASTY!!!!

Definitely one of the better ones I have tried!!! 

Usually Paleo recipes drive me crazy - with secret little ingredients that would make me have to run to whole foods.

The ingredients were all things I already had in the house! Yay for easy & available!

Easiest Recipe Ever:

* Mix together dry ingredients
*Add Liquid Ingredients
*heat pan

Don't you love finding a simple and yummy recipe?

I was also very pleased that these were MUCH faster than the pumpkin paleo pancakes I previously made!

What are your plans for the 3 day weekend?!


  1. Yum! I have yet to try paleo pancakes since I can't seem to find any almond or coconut flour here. Will keep looking & then give it a go! :)

  2. Hey Dani! It looks good! I'll ask Line if you can make some this week if she has the time. Thanks for posting the recipe!!