Monday, December 30, 2013

Fitness and Health New Years Resolutions

I absolutely LOVE making New Years Resolutions. The problem is, I usually don't keep them :/

Last Year I did AMAZING (not to toot my own horn) I pretty much stuck to my healthy eating/fitness goals all the way until about this October... Ever since I got engaged I have been eating TERRIBLE!

You'd think with an impending wedding I would be stepping up my game?? I have gained several pounds, my skin looks unhealthy and I am reverting back to old habits. 


I always feel like the new year is a fresh start, where we can erase the mistakes of the old year and welcome the change of the new year. 

I plan to do just that! I have 4 months to get back into shape for my engagement pictures. 

Not only that, LAST year my goal was to do the Spartan Race, which I did and you can read about my experience HERE

This year my new fitness goal is to do a Sprint Triathlon this summer. A Sprint Tri is a ¼ Mile Swim, 12.5 Mile Bike, and finished with a 3.1 Mile Run. 

I started training for this in the end of this last summer but then became consumed with school and gave up my training. This semester, I am putting aside excuses and committing to training for the sprint tri!

There is one on May 19th that I am going to keep in mind as a goal!

Here are all of my fitness & health goals:

Happy New Years everyone!


Friday, December 27, 2013

How to Pack the PERFECT Healthy Lunch!

As most of you know, this year I embarked on a new part of my life: The Life of an Education Major!

I spent many days eating lunch in classrooms, eating in teacher's lounges and eating lunch on the go. 
I knew if I wanted to maintain the healthy lifestyle I had worked so hard to create for myself, I would need to put in the extra time and plan my lunches ahead of time.

It took ALLOT more work/thinking power than just buying my lunches from the subway in the cafeteria, or just packing a traditional sandwich. 

Here is my recipe for packing my lunch:

I tried to stick to these rules as often as possible! I also packed things like full fat yogurt, cheese sticks, hummus and I ALWAYS pack a dark chocolate square for a treat!

Last but not least, I recommend BUYING A LUNCHBOX THAT MAKES THIS ALL POSSIBLE. I had a few different lunch boxes I would try out, but it was like lugging around a small suitcase with all the Tupperware stacked inside.

Then I found this cute website on Pinterest one day when I was pinning lunch ideas. I kept seeing people pinning Bento Boxes or Laptop Lunches and I was like - Those are SO cute! I ordered one in the mail, (quite possibly the most expensive lunchbox EVER) but it was SO worth it. As you will see from the pictures of my lunches below, it kept my food organized and neat. I no longer had to lug around a cooler of food and it incidentally kept my portion sizes PERFECT. (this is no advertisement, I am just a HUGE FanGirl).

Some of the Examples of Lunches I Packed:
I wasn't able to snap pictures of ALL my lunches, but I managed to get a good amount of examples! I always fill one container with protein, one with veggies and then wing the rest.

Chicken Salad, Banana Chips, Carrot Sticks, Full Fat Greek Yogurt Sprinkled with Slivered Almonds and a piece of Dark Chocolate.

Chicken Salad, Full Fat Yogurt, Cheese Stick, Carrots and Hummus, Cashews and Dark Chocolate (This Bento Box was packed to get me through a full day-night at school, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Steamed Veggies, Ham and Cheese Roll Ups, Almonds, Grapes and of Course, My dark Chocolate!

Chicken and Hummus, Steamed Veggies, Watermelon, Almonds, Cheese Stick and Dark Chocolate

Diced Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Grapes, Cashews and Dark Chocolate

Chicken Stir Fry, Grapes, Carrots and Hummus, Cashews, Cheese Stick and Dark Chocolate

Roast Beef, Apple Slices, Cashews, Yogurt and Dark Chocolate

Air popped popcorn, ham and cheese roll ups, carrots and hummus, and pinneaple

Ham and cheese roll ups, Pirates Booty, Trail Mix, Grapes

Turkey and Cream Cheese Roll Ups, Avocado, Peaches, Carrots, Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Ham, Salad, peaches, trail mix, dark chocolate

Egg salad, steamed veggies, peaches and yogurt

Chicken Lettuce Wraps Insides, Cantaloupe, Cashews, Yogurt and Dark Chocolate

(Skipped the Veggies today?? WEIRD!) Ham, Cottage Cheese, Almonds and Yogurt

Diced Chicken, Salad, Almonds, Yogurt and Dark Chocolate

Some of these lunches may look a little big... It's because they were packed to keep me full for 10 hours! Most of the time I packed, I USED LEFTOVERS! That is my main tip for you if you are going to try and pack lunches, it is SO much easier to make a little extra dinner and pack that, than have to create a whole separate meal. 

So Glad I finally got this post out there :) I hope this helps anyone struggling with packing lunches! Keeping it Gluten Free and Healthy kept me full the whole day, kept any uncomfortable bloating away and really helped me stick to my eating plan!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm BAAaaaAAck!

I'm finally done with the most difficult semester of school I have ever been through!
I am SO exited to be able to write what I WANT to write about... Fitness, Food and FUN!
For the next three weeks, I don't have to write a single education paper, and it feels OH so good ;)

I celebrated the end of the semester by lifting! Woot Woot! What better way to celebrate?

Unfortunately, I lost ALLOT of my strength from not being as consistent in my workouts these past few months :/

I have to say, it was a little depressing to not even get close to my old max and get fatigued. 

HOWEVER! I know that with a little perseverance I will get right back where I was before ;)

Here's to getting back in shape!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013



Wanted to leave this picture with you from the day after Jeff and I got engaged ;)

Back to my math....

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Workout!

Do twice, PLUS a set for each serving you had of each dish. I'm doing this 3-4 times through... 

I had an AMAZING Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family. 

I actually made it to TWO dinners in one day. This was Jeff and I's first year at going to both Holiday's. 

My stomach really hurt by the end of the day, but it was so nice to be able to spend time with my current family and future family!

I'm finishing up all my final papers right now in order to be able to enjoy Christmas Break.. 


I'm so excited, I've missed it so much!



Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween, Hill Workout and Wedding Plans!

This year I celebrated Halloween at school!

My friends and I were the 3 Blind Mice. Can you tell we are all a bunch of Elementary Ed Majors!!??
I love being in classes with people who share similar passions to me.
We were the only people walking around campus in costume.. and we LOVED it!

Stabbed Eyeball Cake Pops I made for the party at school!

I got in this AWESOME Hill workout this week. Jeff and I have been really into riding our bikes 3 miles to a park by our house and working out outside while the weather is SO nice!!

 Gecko Push-ups... I love them, but I hate them. I especially Hated doing them up hill. 
If you don't know how to do them, there is a video HERE explaining how!

DEAD at the end of the workout. 

ALSO Jeff and I have officially BOOKED our Venue!! Its at a pretty little place called the Shendoah Mill. I stole these pretty pictures off their website, because my phone really didn't do it justice:

This is where we will hold our ring ceremony and quaint little reception! We are so excited. We always wanted a cute little, simple reception and we think we found the PERFECT place for us! We are in LOVE! Now to figure out where we are holding our open house the next weekend......


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am on cloud NINE you guys. I had the trip of a lifetime, I am SO happy!!

Of course I had written I was going to Disneyland, I was SO excited!

Well (as you can see) I was totally shocked when, on the log ride, Jeff PROPOSED to me!! IT was like a dream

Immediately after returning from our trip, we booked our venue (because we want the shortest engagement possible) so my wedding date is October 25th 2014!!!

I have been busy with wedding planning and school, BUT I am making it a priority to start blogging again...because I still have some weight to lose!

It would be nice to lose 10 more lbs before we take our engagement pictures in February!
Right after we got engaged, my eating was OUT of control. But I'm back on track now and going to work harder than ever!

I packed my lunch today:

Small Parisian salad: (feta cheese, craisins, vinaigrette) Chicken with Hummus, Yogurt, Almonds and a piece of Dark Chocolate

I hope to eat well this whole week (except Halloween) and get some good quality workouts in!

I am SO excited ti document my "get wedding fit" journey!!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disney Bound!

I'm leaving for DISNEYLAND tomorrow night, and I am SO excited! 

Forget the fact that I somehow have to finish 6 homework assignments by tomorrow morning!

Forget the fact that I'll be in school for 7 hours straight before we leave!

FORGET the fact that I had to take the semester off work and am practically broke... I AM DISNEY BOUND!!!!

I will be squeezing in this quick little workout tonight when I tear myself away from my homework duties and suitcase packing!

What's your favorite ride at disney?


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hill Sprints!

Yesterday I got in an AWESOME workout of Hill Sprints and Kettlebell swings at the park by my house! 

So great to get in a workout that pushed me. 

Running? eww. 

HILLS? ewwww!

But together they gave me the lung burner I needed to start my week right!



Monday, October 7, 2013

My Goals for the Week!

My eating has NOT been up to par!! My boyfriends birthday was this past weekend, and we ATE!
I'm hoping to slim down (aka lose the bloat) before Disney this weekend!

 I have not been getting enough sleep with all of this crazy homework! Hoping to committ to staying on a schedule and getting in those precious hours!

YIKES! My wod average has been twice a week! NOT good! Hoping to workout 3 times before I leave for California Thursday Night!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting Back on my Healthy Grind!

Had a great quick workout last night doing Squats, Presses, Pull Ups and a Stair Climber workout!

My strength has definitely begun to diminish now that I am not on a regular lifting schedule!

My Max of 145 has dropped down to 125!

I plan to up the amount of lifting I do in a week to get my strength back up!

My Lunch Yesterday & Today:

 Ham and cheese rolls (there were 4) 1/2 an Avocado, Fresh cut peach, Carrot sticks, almonds and a piece of Dark Chocolate!

Baked Ham, Oriental Salad, 1/2 a Peach, Raisins/Almonds & a piece of Dark Chocolate!

I'm seriously obsessed with this lunch box. The compartments force me to pack a variety of yummy foods and get excited about my preparing my meals (which helps me pack them clean-ish). 

I miss buying my own groceries and having 100% CLEAN foods available at all times, but I'm making due with what I have in the house and that will have to work!\

I weighed myself the other day (after some terrible eating) and I weighed around 141lbs. 
So I haven't gained THAT much weight (2-3 lbs) from my bad eating a exercise regime in the month of September, BUT I swear when I look in the mirror it looks like I've gained 15 lbs!! I can't wait for this bloating to go down!

Has this ever happened to you when you went off the healthy train? What do you guys do to detox and get back into your healthy routines??

Usually I would juice, but I'm currently not in the position to be buying groceries, or use the gas to drive to the market that sells cheap produce ten miles from me. OH WELL!

(OLD picture taken over summer)


I plan to start my day tomorrow with a quick workout and some yoga. Hopefully I will even be able to take a bike ride in between homework sessions!!! 



What are you doing tomorrow to make your day healthy??