Monday, October 29, 2012

Learning to Accept Compliments

I am getting to that point in my fitness journey

where allot of the people close to me are noticing the change in my body!

Just this past week, several people asked me if I was dieting and told me I looked thinner!

Normally I shove off these kinds of comments as pish posh and say back no no.... you know how it goes. 

But this summer I heard an AMAZING speaker at one of my conferences for work, and it moved me when she said:

"From now on in your life when someone gives you a compliment, look them in the eyes and say thank you, that makes me happy to hear that."

She had been talking about how we only have a small amount of time on earth to make an impact and be with the people we love. 

SO, knowing how HARD I have been working and how LONG it has taken for these compliments to come *cough cough - Since July 1st

I have decided to take EVERY single compliment, and THANK that person for it. 

It REALLY feels weird, accepting compliments....but at the same time good?


Breakfast: Eggs

Snack: Banana

Deli Meat!

Pear & Almonds

Dinner: Sweet & Sour Meatballs with Mixed Veggies

After Workout: Protein Shake!!

I def need to get back into taking pics of everything!

I am VERY happy tho, because I started taking a notebook to the gym with me so I can track my workouts and the weight I use - as well as the times I finish in!

This way I will be able to track my progress! Yay!

Hoping everyone had a great monday!

Workout of the Day: CrossFit!

***Disclaimer: They have a "scaled" version that I have to do at the gym. I never know what it is until I get there!

I know for a fact they will have me doing something else besides ring dips, handstand push ups, weighted pull ups and muscle ups. 

Probably ALLOT of regular push ups & ring rows!!!!



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love Note Sunday!

Wow, how do the weekends go by so fast???

I had an amazing week/weekend. 

Filled with fun activities and some new and exciting plans are being made for my future ;)

Anyone care to take a guess what they are??!!!

I had an awesome food day - besides the fact that one of the SWEETEST older ladies that goes to church with Jeffrey, whom I am very close with brought me BROWNIES!

Out of pure love and courtesy for this person, I HAD to eat one :)

 Breakfast: Omlette with Guacamole!!! 

The Kind Note that came with the Brownies My Dear Friend brought to me! I feel so blessed to know her and call her my friend. We may have about 40 years of age difference, but everytime I see her I feel extremley loved. 

Do You have close friends you have a huge age difference with??

 Dinner: Sweet Potato, Steamed Veggies & Bacon Wrapped Chicken!!!

Jeffrey and I ended our day with snuggles from a puppy that is VERY scared of Halloween Decorations!!!!

How was your weekend??

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Saturday, October 27, 2012

All Saturday's Should be THIS Awesome:

Today was a Great Day to:

Go to a ASU Football Game!

Eat a huge bowl of meatballs INSTEAD of a meatball sub!!

Dress up as a Package & UPS driver for a Halloween Party!

Carve a Tinkerbell and Phineas Pumpkin!!!

Had an AWESOME day with my Boyfriend!

What did you do today??

11 Facts about Me!!! Liebster Award!!!!

Woohoo! My bloggy Friend Emilio who's blog you can find HERE nominated me for this award!!!

It's an award for bloggers with LESS than 200 followers that you enjoy reading!

I was HONORED to get this nomination from Emilio!

Thanks Emilio!!!!

 Rules are rules!

- Once you're nominated, write 11 facts about yourself

- Then take a look at the 11 questions the person who

 nominated you asked and answer them

- Get your thinking cap on and come up with 11 questions 

of your own for your nominees to answer

- Then choose the 11 bloggers you want to nominate

 (they must have less than 200 followers)

- Let them know they've been nominated and remember 

there's no tag backs, i.e. you can't nominate the person

 who nominated you. 
Alright so here we go!

11 Facts about me:

1. I LOVE dogs. I have three and they are my babies.

2. My Favorite TV show is The New Girl. I'm Obsessed

3. I LOVE kids. I often fantasize about my future, unborn babies?

4. I was a cheerleader in High School. This might explain to you where all my enthusiasm comes from!!!

(I am the one on the right!)

5. I LOVE to sing. I took voice lessons for Several Years and Sang for many different Choirs. I like to compare myself to the great Miranda Lambert...HAH ;)

6. My whole life, I planned on going to Disneyland and auditioning to be a princess. I ended up just going to college and majoring in Education instead.

7. Hiking is one of my FAVE hobbies, but I don't get out much because my Boyfriend is not a huge fan ;)

8. I once took an 1 hour Job Compatibility Test and this is what it told me:

9. Halloween Is my FAVORITE Holiday!!
I take it seriously. 

10. I LOVE Ice cream. If I could eat it everyday and not be Fat, I WOULD. 

11. I'm Dating my Highschool Sweetheart and it sure IS sweet!

Emilio's 11 Questions:
1 - Do you like cats?
-NO, I am DOG lover!!!!
2 - Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
-No... I am not talented like that at ALL hahah
3 - Do you prefer Batman or Superman? Explain why.
-Batman.... Because I love the Movies 
4 - How old was the oldest person you've ever met?
-I think my Great Grandmother who was 103
5 - What's your favorite movie?
-The Notebook! Love a good Cry Session
6 - What's your all-time favorite song?
-I Love ALL music, I could never pick just one song. I enjoy country music.
7 - If you were a person from your opposite gender who would you like to be?
8 - (not a question!) Upload a picture of yourself doing a funny face.
9 - Can you touch your chest with your knees when you jump?
-I have NEVER tried!
10 - Do you believe in ghosts?
-Kind of, I'm obsessed with scary movies and the more you watch the more you believe. Anyone seen the show Long Island Medium?
11 - What's the funniest joke you've heard?
-I am AWFUL at remembering jokes haha but I just watched a stand up comedian do a whole show on bacon and I have never laughed so hard. I <3 Bacon. 

My 11 Questions for you Nominees:
1.  You have one week to live. What do you do first?
2.  Saturday or Sunday?
3.  You can go back in history and stop one thing from happening. What do you choose to stop and why?
4.  How long do you wait to show someone you’re dating your blog?
5.  Favorite Disney princess and why?
6.  Whose commercials are worse: Old Navy or Flo at Progressive?
7.  Tell me your first memory.
8.  A Genie gives you three wishes but you have to use them on other people. What do you wish for?
9.  You get cast to be on the Amazing Race- who do you pick as your partner?
10.  Tap dancing monkey or penguin?
11.  You’re having a bad day, what drink do you get at the bar to make you forget?

I will be messaging some of my favorite bloggies with less than 200 followers!

Who am I nominating?

Jamie at Zombie Fitness
Caroline at The Trendy Trainer
Plum Petals from Workin it Out

Thanks Emilio, this was FUN!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I ate WHAT today??!!

Today was one of "those" days....

You know, the kind where your phone dies in the night so your alarm doesn't go off, and then you miss you first class?

Then you have to tell SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN they are not allowed to kiss on the playground. Then Feel REALLY OLD. 

The kind of day where you hear two fourth grade girls talking about you in whispers....and you realize it STILL makes you mad. 

Then you stoop on their level and threaten to put them in time out ;)

You know, one of THOSE days.

 Breakfast: Omelette & Coffe Splurge 

 Snack: Paleo Cookie!

 Lunch: Chicken & Veggies & a tinnnny piece of some sort of meat my mom made? A true lunch of "leftovers"

WHAT THE %$####&&*!!!! IS THAT???!!! 
Oh yah... Thats the FREAKIN DELICIOUS bar I ate at my work today. 

Not even ashamed. It was delicious. 

After Workout Protein Shake!

Dinner: Delicious Teryaki/Ginger Chicken with Mixed Veggies YUM

Hoping your day was better than mine!

WOD & Halloween FEVER

Another Strength Workout!!!

I LOVE Strength training workouts/conditioning ANY day!

Maybe its my cheer backround of finding joy in lifting/throwing around girls the same size as me?


This year is the LAST year I will be living in my childhood home, as my family is MOVING for the first time in Feb!

It is def a bitter sweet feeling!!!!


As Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I have decided to go ALL out and create a mini "Haunted House" 
(more like a Haunted Walkway) In my front yard for Halloween!!!!!

This was also inspired by my love love LOVE to dress up as a zombie...

Us last year!!!  (I'm in the middle!)

(after our zombie walk at Ihop)

Obviously, I take these things Extremely Serious. 

I finished my Homework today as FAST as I could to get Ideas for my haunted entry way!

Only a week left to prepare it!!

Here are some of my ideas:

Fog Machine in the Entry Way

DIY Haunted House Silhouettes Using Moving Boxes. From reddit here. In the comments section someone asked how they made the translucent parts. In another comment the person who made the cutouts answered:    I used contact paper, tissue paper and modge podge for the eyes. I used cardboard, black paint, and duct tape for the rest! You can’t see them from the inside of the house because there are curtains behind them.

Scary Silhouettes in the windows

Halloween DIY
pvc pipe cemetary gates

This pic is LAME but, obviously create some sort of doorway

& Obviously lots of do not enter & halloween signs!!!!

Got any ideas???