Sunday, September 29, 2013

Losing my Healthy Lifestyle to a Diet. Say NO to 30 Day Challenges.

I have been struggling with my eating for the past few months but I could not figure out why. 

I've been craving "bad" foods more than usual. It's normal for me to want a cookie at a party or a diet soda at the movies. 

It's NOT normal for me to sample every piece of dessert at the party and buy an extra large popcorn at the movies!!!

I finally realized what my problem was today. 

Over the past year, I have been working on changing my lifestyle. 

It had worked AMAZING. 

I'd eat clean about 85% of the time with a few treats here and there. 
I'd lost 20 lbs, loved being creative in the kitchen and was constantly creating healthy/clean alternatives to the food I'd once binged on. 

Then came the 30 day challenges. 

After I had worked so hard to build and maintain my healthy lifestyle, I thought:

"They will be FUN!" and "What a great way to push myself!"

The 30 day challenges gave me reasons to be EXTRA strict for long periods of time. They gave me reasons to say no to that one little cookie at every party. and worst of all.... THEY HAD AN END DATE. 

Why is that a problem you might ask?

Well, anyone who has done a strict diet before can relate to this. 

When you are yo-yo dieting and there is an end in sight, what is that end called??


My worst enemy. 

Instead of living the 85% clean lifestyle, I went 100% and then on the LAST day I would BINGE LIKE CRAZY. 

and Cheat Day never lasts just one day. Nope. 

Cheat day almost always stretches at least 3 days long. 

3 DAYS. 

3 days of binge eating and saying your next 30 days will start the next day. 

What does that sound like to you? Does that sound like the talk of a healthy girl? Or does that sound like the reasoning of a yo-yo dieter?

I lost that healthy balance I had found, and began a terrible pattern of eating challenges broken up by insane binge days.

Tonight I had that moment, as I ended my last day of  a week long "cheat day" by eating a huge bowl of baked mac and cheese at 11 p.m. at night... when I wasn't even hungry. 

I caught that little voice in my head saying "don't worry, your diet starts tomorrow". and I stopped my fork halfway to my mouth, unable to take that last bite. 

a louder voice in my head seemed to scream:
I am better than this!

Washing the rest of that macaroni down the sink was the best feeling I have had in a while. 


I am going back to the healthy lifestyle change I had effortlessly achieved earlier this year. 

I hope by acknowledging this here, on my very public blog, I will be held more accountable for my actions. 

It's not always easy for me to admit I made a mistake, but it's an AMAZING feeling to know that I learned from it. 

For anyone seeing a 30 day challenge on Pinterest, thinking about trying one, or in the Middle of one...

DON'T do it. 

It's just another diet scheme. It's just another yo-yo diet in disguise. It's a fad. 

Learn from my Mistakes,


Friday, September 27, 2013

Squatz & 30 Day Recap!!

(That's just 65lbs on the bar)

Squats have been my latest go to exercise now that I am so busy. 

They are easy, they are fast and I LOVE them. 

I never got to recap my 30 Day Challenge:

I did great on not eating as much processed food and cutting out sugar, BUT I did eat out allot. 

My weight maintained (which I'm totally fine with)

I have really been missing the group aspect of CrossFit. It has been a little lonely to go from competing and working together in groups to going to the gym by myself and not know a single soul there. 

I wish I could have worked out allot more but I definitely was struggling with getting back on a schedule!

I have since made myself this awesome graphic and have had it hanging in my room to motivate me!

What's been motivating you to stay active?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HEALTHY Lunches, Workouts & Teaching!

Hey ya'll!

WOW! Time flies when your busy!

I have a great packing lunch post coming up, I'm SO excited to share :)

Things have been hectic with this new school schedule, but it will all be worth it when I'm teaching in my own classroom!

(My Clothes are a little baggy - I still have an aversion to tight clothing!)

I've been LOVING intern teaching!

One thing I've noticed, teacher's feet HURT by the end of the day! And I'm pretty sure all that walking around and bending down and over has me burning MANY extra calories! (Yay!)

Any teachers out there have tips for a newbie?

Here are some workouts I have been doing lately:

 10 Wall Ball shots, 20 Kettle bell Swings, 30 Sit Ups - 5 rounds for time!

I've been taking dance classes at the gym again to add a little variety into my routine, and you know what? I LOVE it! 

As you can tell, I've been dedicating all my workouts to my sweet little IR4 Buddy! 

If you want to get hooked up with a DARLING special needs child to dedicate your workouts to, visit THIS website!

Of course, I have been packing wholesome lunches to school:

 Ham and cheese rolls, Carrot Stick and Hummus, Pineapple and Plain Air Popped Popcorn!

Ham and Cheese Rolls, Grapes, All Natural Almonds mixed with Dark Chocolate Fruit covered pieces and Pirates Booty!

I've been playing around with adding Gluten Free, CLEAN eating snacks back into my diet, because its nice to have something to snack on in my classes!

When I first started school, I was nervous that my classmates would think it was weird I had a sectioned lunch box, and didn't eat the normal sandwiches and chips...

BUT my classmates actually have complemented me on my cute lunch box and healthy lunches! No one complained, EVEN when I packed tuna ;)

I've also been working a job on the weekend, Recognize me?? :)

I've been face painting parties dressed as Strawberry Shortcake!

Hope ya'll are doing well!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Don, 9/11 WOD. Never Forget

Never Forget. 

In honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11,this workout is The Don, named for U.S. Marine Cpl. Donald M. Marler, who died on June 6, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Afghanistan.

***I created a modified version of the original workout because I will be performing at a park by my house with no equipment.