Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday...Or just Homework Day.

I had an AWESOME start to my day when I found out I have officially lost 

10 Pounds!!!

and it only took 14 weeks???


It feels so, so, so LONG!

But in reality I guess it took about 3 and a half months...

So hopefully only 3 & a half months to go until I am down 10 more pounds??!!!

Then I did homework alllll day. 

And studied. 


Dinner time toinght I dined at my boyfriends house and unfortunately dinner did not go along well with my diet plan....

But I have decided to put this theory to work:

So really I did not do TOO bad! ha!

Food Time:

 Breakfast: Banana & a cup of Milk

Lunch: Greek Salad with Hummus Dressing!

 Dinner: Veggie & Chicken Stuffed Rolls

Fruit Salad... YEAUH

Finally Can Say... TEN POUNDS DOWN!!!



After my setback last week of gaining weight back up to 150, I was SCARED to get onto the scale today...

But apparently I lost 3 Lbs this week!!!

I'm a veryyyy happy girl :)

Let's see what ten pounds lost looks like...

This is me at 157 lbs....

(sorry its a bad picture, I took this at my Boyfriends house)

I am just SO EXCITED to see how I do when I join CROSSFIT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yummy Food I ate Today

Yummy Food I ate Today... Yeah I was too lazy to come up with any other title & I HAVE to log my food for the day ;)

 Breakfast: Banana & Chocolate Peanut Butter

 Lunch: Omelette & Bacon ..MY FAVE

 Snack: Cup of Whole Milk

Dinner Time:
Jeff and I got to cook together! (aka he did most of the work and I assisted)
 We Snacked on some apple juice
Chopped Some Zucchini  

 Tossed the seasonings with some whole wheat flour and...
 Fried Zucchini! SO YUMMY

My Plate Tonight:
Greek Chicken, Veggies & Fried Zucchini!

A Reminder of how FAR I have to go.

In the midst of all the excitement of feeling thinner than I have in over a year, of being able to do CrossFit workouts with my boyfriend, I forgot how far i STILL have to go. 

Today my little brother invited me to go running with him. 

He played baseball for MANY years and is in pretty great shape. 

I thought it sounded like fun, so I agreed to go with him!

Well, let me just say I got my BUTT KICKED!!!

My brother runs FAST

I was NOT able to keep up with him, and ended up running at least 30 ft. behind him then entire run, with the goal of Just Not Stopping!

Although I know I slowed him down, and maybe even ruined his workout, my brother was super nice and encouraging the whole time. 

When I got back home I had the realization

I am nowhere near my fitness goal. 

I still have a long, long way to go!

My goal is to run the Spartan Race in February.


Today's experience only PROVED that I need to join the CrossFit gym this week!

I am nervous...

But I know it will be worth it!!

How close are you to your fitness goals?

The Cookie Catastrophe

So today I got home from class a little earlier than usual. 

I decided to make the kids at my work Sugar Cookies!

For those of you who don't yet know, I LOVE baking & I owned a cake pop business CakeStix (click here to see)

I just happen to have a recipe for the BEST sugar cookies EVER. 

I decided to make a double batch and bring all my kids cookies, with enough left to gift to my boyfriend...

BAD idea. 

Somewhere along the "doubling" of the recipe, I made a HUGE mistake



The cookies were coming out very flat... 

After a couple of failed batches in & out of the oven I realized the inevitable..

I would have to TASTE one to figure out the problem. 

As soon as I ate one, I knew I needed more flour. 

Unfortunately, that lead to me eating 3 cookies. 



For some reason After I tasted the one cookie, when two more cookies broke apart...they ended up also being "testers"

Why is it, that I have eaten so well, for SO long, but I still fight food addiction & Temptation?

I don't know if I will EVER understand it, but after reading my blog friend Emilio's post yesterday, I know It happens to the best of us!
(find his blog here)

Do you guys ever struggle with food addictions??!! Or just food temptation?

At least the rest of the day went well for me, here are the other things I ate:

A new shaved ice place by my house just opened called Rita's!
Tonight they gave away FREE icee's 
This is a pic of the sugar-free pineapple flavor!

Thinking this may be my new favorite cheat dessert!

Hoping everyone an awesome and Sugar Cookie Free Saturday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nancy's a KILLER! (the workout, not my mom)

The REAL Nancy. (on the right...duh)

Nancy the workout was INTENSE
It ended up being 5 rounds of 400 meter runs
with 15 over head squats. 

It was a FANTASTIC workout, one of my FAVES so far, I am definitely holding onto it to do again!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have been contemplating joining a CrossFit gym, where I will be pushed EXTREMELY hard...

I have looked up ALLOT of info about CrossFit, Plus Jeff SWEARS by it, AND I found the cheapest one near my house...

I am officially signing up with East Valley CrossFit on the First of October. 

aka, Monday. 

I am EXTREMELY excited/nervous/scared..

I have been held back by a fear of being the WORST one there, being slow, and just generally sucking. 

Apparently though, Not everyone who goes there looks like this,  the (googled) image of crossfit:


Wow, why didn't I think of that?

Yes, allot of the people in the gym will look like this picture, but ALLOT will also be like me...

JUST beginning our Journey into the Crossfit world!

So anyways, I am nervous but VERY excited to see how this affects my weightloss journey!! :)

Photo Diet:

 Omelette with Guac & Salsa
 Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea
 Thanks for Lunch JEFF :) I LOVE you!!!
Sweet Potato, Green Beans & BBQ'ed Chicken
 Mixed Nuts & 100% Fruit Juice

Italian Salad. 
Yes its covered in Cheese...

I like Cheese?

W.O.D : NANCY...Hey! That's my Mom's Name!

Today's wod is nancy...

3 Rounds 
400 Meter Run
16 lb Over head Squat x15

I'm SO excited!!!!! But I also find this HILARIOUS

Picture from Highschool
Me on the right, NANCY on the Middle, and My sis on the left!

(just wanted to show you the real nancy)

My sister and I (being the brats we were)
Used to call my mom Nancy, (her name)
When we were mad at her in middle school.

It bothered her SO MUCH
That by high school, we only called her Nancy. 

Our friends called her "Nancy Pants" and "Fancy Nancy" 

Were we evil??? Or is it funny to everyone?? 

Of course now, I am back to calling her Mommy  Mom

Did anyone else have similar experiences with their parents growing up???

Happy Workouts!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sprints = Eww

Today, my workout was Sprints!

Sure, I have been running here and there...

But I haven't felt the LUNG BURNING awfulllness of Shuttle Runs..Until Tonight!

It brought back terrible memories I have from my elementary soccer team..

The coach's daughter called me booger at every practice, I was CHUBBY and worst of all... I HATED SOCCER. & RUNNING. 

Maybe that's why I have such mixed feelings about running after all these years??

Photo Diet:

What's weird is that my SLEEP schedule has been thrown off this week. 

I am a GRUMPY girl if I don't get all my sleep!

I can't wait for next week to start... Everything will be back to normal, I hope.