Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 1 & 2 of the 45 Day Challenge!

 Yesterday I wrote about how I had 45 Days to get in shape for my Engagement Pictures...

I stuck to it on Day one and I was really pleased with myself. I'm starting to think I will actually be able to pull this off!

This was my picture yesterday, and I weighed in at 154 lbs
Yeah... I have been putting off this picture for a LONGGG time!! The last thing I wanted was to take picture proof that I wasn't at the weight I had worked so hard to be at... but here it is!

These past 2 months I have been drinking soda DAILY, eating lots of processed foods and sugar..and all the while over eating daily. It has been BAD. 

I felt like I was out of control..that I couldn't change again. 

But Yesterday I proved to myself that it was possible! I COULD get back to where I needed to be!

Today I weighed in at 152! Yes - I know the 2 lb loss was just bloating and water weight coming off from the clean eating but it felt GREAT to know that even one day makes a difference!

 To celebrate the 1 day of progress, I made this delicious salad. 

Here's to change, progress and 44 more days!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

44 Days

It's been no secret that ever since I got engaged, I slipped up on my diet and workout routines. 

After Christmas this year (my usual splurge season) I just couldn't get my eating back on track. 

I fell farther and farther away from the person I had worked so hard to become. 

So here's the deal.. I gained about 10 pounds. 

Here's the other deal: I have 44 Days until Jeff and I are taking ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!

 I wishhh more than anything that I had the foresight to take them in November right after we got engaged.... BUT I didn't. So now I have 44 days to get engagement picture ready!

I had allot of excuses that I've been too busy with school... But in reality I had plenty of free time. 

Well I start a new job this week.. a new job where I work EARLY Mornings and Afternoons!


I'm really going to have to buckle down on my eating if I want this to work, and start taking better advantage of the little bits of free time I will have. 

I started using a NEW FITNESS APP that is SO COOL! It's Called Pump Up and its a fitness APP that works just like Instagram, except it is specifically for people to log their workouts, food, and progress. 

Follow me on there:

I am going to start keeping track of my food and exercise like I used to, and it will be easy for me to update there daily :)

I am SO EXICTED that I have this 44 day wake up call to get me back where I need to be!