Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Workout & Photo Diet 7/31/12

Today I worked ALL DAY.

My schedule was Majorly thrown off!!!

So I had to set my alarm for 4:45 a.m. this morning to complete this workout:

Jog 3 Miles..

On the 3 Mile Jog Stop 3 times to do 20 push ups..

Then keep jogging. 

It was lovely. 

I also did day...7??? (I'm pathetic, I lost track of my own 30 Day ab challenge) Of my ab challenge:

Also I ate....eh

 Coconut milk/honey Cofee with fruit/veggie juice

Eggs & 1 tomato

Chicken, mixed nuts, asparagus, quinoa

Carrots & Pear

Those two lists are everything I packed to get me through a 7:30 a.m. shift - 6 p.m. shift

For some reason I am always STARVED at work.... I blame the demon children I work with.


(I ate more when I got home)
 Yogurt & Banana
 Organic Unsweetened Dark chocolate cherries
Paleo Frap made with coconut milk & honey


This goes back to me saying my schedule was thrown off.... Yes. I normally don't eat QUITE so many snacks. 
 Chicken with Mango Salsa (mangoes, onion, cilantro, avacado), Fruit & Brocoli

and now I'm ready for bed. 


Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Diet 7/30/12

Have I told you my goal for this week???


As you know, last week I loved trying out the Paleo diet and all it had to offer...

I have continued it through the weekend and let me say,

I feel:



At peace with my body???

That last one was weird..but its true. 

I haven't had ANY stomach issues (aka gas, bloating)

I haven't had any sugar cravings

I just feel GOOD. 

So I'm thinking of keeping the Paleo Thing around for awhile ;)

Here is what I ate today:

 Coconut milk creamer with honey sweetened coffee, scrambled eggs and a tomato

 Eggs again.... The chicken was frozen and I was too hungry to thaw it. 

 Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

 Yummy chicken salad with a hummus based dressing :) Thank you boyfriend :)

P.s. I started to keep an exercise log today to track my progress... 

It took me 17 whole minutes to do my circuit today!!!

Hopefully the next time I do it, I will be a tad bit faster ;)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Workout of the Day (WOD) 7/29/12

Lets consult the Calendar:

Today's scheduled Workout is a.m Run & p.m. Crossfit


Here is the WOD I will be doing 

(from the Spartan Race website, not Crossfit)

Let's do this!

Photo Diet 7/29/12

Today, I loved being Paleo. 

I didn't even realize how easy it has become for me until I went to my boyfriends house and they were making brownies... and I didn't even want one??


Anyways, I also bought some "Paleo Sweets" at the store today...so that helped too. 

Here is my new Fave:


and rich. I tasted it, and that taste was enough sweetness to last me all day!

Anyways, here is what I ate today:

Paleo Breakfast of Champions: Asparagus. 1 egg on Sweet Potato & 2 slices of bacon

Coconut milk and a handful of strawberries, blended

Greek Quinoa salad: Quinoa, Hummus, Cucumber, Red Onions

2 Dark Chocolate covered cherries. Don't mistake these with the normal choco-cherries....

They were not very sweet AT ALL!

I was surprised, but def not disappointed!

Dinner: Unpictured
For dinner I basically made a taco salad at my boyfriends house for Taco night!

It had: Black beans, guacamole, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and salsa on it....

I know I know, Black beans aren't paleo... I FORGOT and I just realized it while writing this...

Oh well at least I got some fiber!!!

I'm VERY excited to work out tomorrow!
I don't know why...


Week 5 Weigh in!

For the Past Couple of weeks my weight has been stuck at 155 lbs. 

If you look at my past Weekly Progress Photos, you can see a change in my body, 

but it was annoying me that the scale wasn't changing!

This week, as you know, my challenge was:

and the final result is....


No wonder those crossfit people come out looking like this:


 Not that I look like this..... yet ;)


Not that that is a MAJOR weight loss or anything..

But I am going for a healthy, slow & steady wins the race type of approach this time. 

So I am celebrating that the Blizzard I ate yesterday did not ruin my progress hahah. 

Here is my week 5 progress photo:

 This puts me four pounds down from my start at 157, and I feel a WHOLE lot better!

Lets put my week 1 picture next to this one...

Even though I only lost 4 pounds so far, I can definitely see the difference that 

Working Out


& Eating Clean 

Can make on a body in only a few short weeks. 

I can't wait to see what NEXT week looks like!!

Enough tooting my own horn, I just got excited ;)

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Diet 7/28/12

I saw the Batman Movie tonight, it was AWESOME

Here is what I ate today...

 Mickey D's all fruit smoothie... delicious


Lunch on the Hiking Trail:
 Chicken & Cashews

 SO NOT PALEO... Its a little family tradition, when we go hiking we ALWAYS get Dairy Queen after.... Maybe not the most HEALTHY tradition but I always enjoy it. HA

Today I was trying to tell myself NOT to participate...

But i Gave in... Oh well. At least I burned a ton of calories right??

Dinner: Unpictured
I snuck a chipolte burrito bowl into batman for dinner tonight...which is why I do not have a pic!!!
I have snuck quite a few ridiculous food items in my purse to movies over the years!!

I was SO HAPPY to see that harkins has added these apple chips to their candy counter... It made going up to the counter for my drink SO much more enjoyable.

Instead of staring longingly at the candy, I actually had somthing healthy to grab! Yay!

I love when my favorites places start to jump on the Healthy Bandwagon

As always, 

Hiking as a Workout

I went hiking today with my Dad, my boyfriend, my brother & his girlfriend & my sister. 

It was SO FUN!

It was a two hour drive to the hike, but definitely worth it. 

Here are some Crappy Phone Pictures:

 My Makeshift TP holder...

 My Little Horny Toad Friend

 Boyfriend just hikes right through the water....I think he thinks he is
Bear Grylls???

 BEAUTIFUL butterfly
There were SO MANY out today, they kept landing on us...it was awesome

 Boyfriend found a log similar to the one in the highland games... so he decided to recreate the Caber throw event?? He is crazy... I love him.

Here is the best part...

I burned 1,966 Calories!!!!!

Have you ever heard of the app Endomondo?

It takes all of your Vital Information, then GPS tracks your sports/excercise

So at the end of my EIGHT MILE HIKE

I had this information:

Average Speed
Average Pace
Calories Burned


a map of the hike we went on!!!

I was SO very happy to see how many calories you can burn hiking! Yay me!

Also I need to do my 30 Day ab challenge...

30 Day Ab Challenge Day #4

Happy Saturday!

Photo Diet 7/27/12

Today was a LONG but FUN day!!!

Worst part of the Day: I did not get to workout or do my 30 day ab challenge...

Best Part of the Day: Eating bacon wrapped water chestnuts at an Olympic party...YUM

 Here is what I ate today:

 1 scrambled egg with my paleo coffee!

My Lunch Box:
 For my double shift at work I packed: 1 nectarene, chicken & veggies, cashews, carrots & hummus & some veggie/fruit juice

 Boyfriend made me green beans, sweet potato fries and charcoal grilled chicken :)

What I brought to the Olympic Party:
A hastily put together American flag fruit platter.... 

Now I HAVE to get to bed (waking up early to go hiking)

Until Tomorrow, 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Diet 7/26/12

I felt SO GREAT today!!

I can definitely feel/see a difference in my body since begging to eat Paleo. 

It really has not been that hard AT ALL... 

Probably because I was eating clean for 3 weeks before I started. 

Here is what I ate today:

 Scrambled eggs!

 Scrambled eggs again :(
My little brother had JUST waken up when I got home from work, and asked me to make him scrambled eggs.....
Apparently I do NOT cook eggs the way he likes because he refused to eat them...

Thus me having scrambled eggs twice. OH well. 

P.s. My lazy little brother is 18...

 Paleo Coconut Cookies..
These turned out REALLY good...
But they ended up getting gooey inside the Tupperware I put them in..
Im thinking about mixing them up tomorrow and making some type of paleo candy???

 Left Over Cauliflower Rice

 Carrots & Spinach Hummus


My boyfriend's family took their neighbors out to dinner tonight as a "last Hurrah" before one of them goes and gets a TRANSPLANT tomorrow for the cancer he has been battling for over 4 years!
He will be in the hospital for 6-8 weeks after the surgery, so I was happy we got to take them out one last time. 

I had a hamburger with no bun, topped with avacados and red onions, & a side salad. 

Tomorrow I work a DOUBLE shift...

So I packed my lunch/snacks tonight! Yay me!

Until tomorrow,