Wednesday, November 28, 2012

End of Semester BLUES

So true

I am COUNTING DOWN THE DAYZ to finals....

2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!

In the mean time, I apologize for my lack of blog posts :(

It's a sad day when you can't find the time to blog/take pictures of your food/share your workouts!!!

I'm looking forward to winter break where I will have a WHOLE MONTH to do nothing but 







how I feel right now...

Let's pray that I do. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

What She Ate 11/26/12

I felt SICK today so I took the day off work ;)

It didn't help that I had a ton of Homework to finish......

Thinking about taking tomorrow off too ;)

WARNING: The quality of my camera phone and the poor lighting makes all my food look GROSS today. 

 This Pic was Stirfry.... Then I ate it...

Yeah... Uneventful food day. 

Also, I did NOT workout because (as I stated earlier) I am feeling under the weather. 

Hope ya'll had a fabulous day!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

What She Ate 11/24/12

 Started out my day with good old TURKEY slices!!!!!!

 Keeping the theme of Thanksgiving Leftovers the HEALTHY way, I made a Turkey Salad....
It was NOT good but I ate it anyways. 
Turkey really does belong with mashed potatoes and gravy

 Went to my FAVORITE stir fry restaurant.

You get to go down a buffet line, choosing fresh, raw ingredients and filling a bowl with them.
Then you take them to a Man with a GIANT wok, and whatever you could fit in your bowl, gets fried right up for you!

It's so fresh & delicious!!!!

I don't eat noodles, so my bowl consisted of Chicken, Zuchinni, Water Chestnuts, Broccoli, & Onions 

My favorite thing about the place.....their guilt-free self serve frozen yogurt that comes with dinner!!!!

Today I will be attending my second thanksgiving...

My boyfriends family is having Thanksgiving on Sunday this year. 

There I will be tempted with homemade rolls, pie, stuffing.....

Okay I Might give in.

Happy Thanksgiving x2 to me!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wod, Weigh in & Planning!

Today I will be attending one of my FAVORITE classes at my CrossFit, Romanian Conditioning!!!

The trainer is STRAIGHT from Romania, where he was a CHAMPION Boxer. 

He has only been speaking English for 3 months!!!!

Anyways, it's a super fun class!

If you are looking for a similar workout, I suggest a Zumba class similiar to these ones:

Today I also weighed in, to see how Thanksgiving affected me. 

I was definitely HAPPY to see that I weighed in at 142 lbs!!!

High Weight: 157 lbs
Last Weigh In: 144 lbs
Today's Weigh In: 142 lbs

Total lbs Lost: 15 lbs

Yayyy!!! I will have to work EXTRA hard this week to keep the weight off!!!
(because thanksgiving will catch up with me)

Here are my plans/tips for today & tomorrow to get back on the ball:

 Yesterday for me was a NIGHTMARE. 
Having been a holiday weekend, I did NOT go grocery shopping....
Conveniently, there was plenty of Stuffing, Marshmallow Salad, Mashed Potatoes....]

I WILL be going grocery shopping for Paleo, all organic foods to be able to say NO to those pesky leftovers!!!
Resume Daily Wods is my goal/tip, because I have fallen victim to the HOLIDAY off of work... AND working out!!!
It's so easy to dismiss your workout
With all the Holiday Buzz this week, I only worked out ONCE

So last night I read through some of my first blog posts, I reminded myself why  I started

I weighed in today for further motivation, and I REMINDED myself I still have a LONG way to go!!!

I have been SLACKING in this department!!

Not only that, but when I was not taking pictures of everything I ate, I was SLACKING in the healthy eating department too!!!

It's so easy to eat that cookie, and pretend like it never happened. 

Or for me, the CONTAINER of marshmallow salad I ate yesterday!!!!!!

This is the more important of all goals/tips. 

Keep your food Journals!!!!!!!

I will resume taking pics of everything I eat and logging it here at nights. 

Keep me accountable people!!!!!

In other news, HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!

I look forward to my first HEALTHY, HAPPY & THIN Holiday in over 2 years!!!

I can't wait to share with you and gain inspiration FROM you!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting Back on Board After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was so much fun!

My dad, boyfriend and I went up to my grandparents house in Clarkdale, Arizona!

It's always nice to see my grandparents, whom I only see about 2 times a year!!!

 View from my Grandparents Property

 Playing footsie with my Jeffrey

Ended my stay with a trip to Montezuma Castle, an ancient Indian cliff dwelling that is now a National Monument!

(sorry bout the ugly hair, my grandma forced me to take an unexpected shower......aka it was just an overnight trip and I did NOT pack shampoo, body wash....ect)

Meanwhile back at my house, my Brother, Sister & Mom made thanksgiving dinner with my other grandma. 

(she cannot make the trip to Clarkdale because she has alzheimers)

My brother, Sister & Grandma

Unfortunately, that means my fridge is FULLY STOCKED with all my Thanksgiving Faves:

I've already relived Thanksgiving Dinner twice...


So Tomorrow I will be:

Getting Back on Board After Thanksgiving

By stocking up on HEALTHY groceries that I LIKE!!!

I'm also thinking about going "all organic"

In everything I eat. 

I know its supposedly "more expensive" but I have been reading about the benefits and it definitely exceeds the small cost difference of regular food!!!!

What are you doing to get back on board after thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Celebrity Look Alike?

The janitor at my elementary school the other day stopped me in the hallway to inform me that I looked just like a "young Victoria Jackson"...

Victoria Jackson? Who is that???

Apparently she wasss a SNL character, but now is old/Crazy??

Anyways I googled her and had a good laugh. 

Check this out:

Hahahahahah APPARENTLY she always wore her hair on top of her head. 

So do I!!!!!

We definitely Look similar!

Yesterday I CHICKENED out of the workout...

I know. 

I SHOULD have gone but I had a weird day where things did not go right....

And in the end I boycotted my workout. 

Lamesies I know!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wod: Death Before Thanksgiving

When I saw this, I knew it was true. 

My coach is trying to kill me before Thanksgiving. 


I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

What She Ate 11/19/20

Breakfast: Banana & Small Cup of Coffee

 Protein Salad with turkey, boiled eggs & cheese!

After Workout:
Chocolate & Milk Protein Drink 

 Sliders with cheese, brocolli & Bruschetta topping!!

Had an awesome day!!!!

Got this adorable note from one of my students:

Boyfrand cooked me this DELICIOUS dinner

(secret action shot of him cooking while I watched Nashville)



Pictures & video will come soon  :) :)

How was your Monday?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

AWESOME Week Recap & Thanksgiving GOALS!

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner??!!

This year has just FLOWN by!

I had an amazing week this week:

 My boyfriend surprised me with these BEAUTIFUL flowers one morning - for NO reason!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!!!!!!

He always takes the time to remind me why I love him :) :)

Any ideas on something fun I can surprise HIM with??!!

 I enjoyed my FAVE meal from Pita Jungle - Chicken & Hummus that I pair with Cucumber Slices!!!!

 One of the kids at my work wrote this LOVELY public Service announcement....
You see the butt in the doorway right???

There's a close up view for you! hahah

 WENT SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell you - I haven't been able to shop like this for TWO YEARS
For two years I have HATED how I looked, and not found ANYTHING that has fit me well, often leaving stores depressed...and then would go EAT more crap!!

It's so FUN to be able to try on clothes that fit well and find stuff you like.... that's not an XXL!!!
I'm LOVIN' losing weight!!!

**I did not buy that jacket, because I thought I looked like Justin Bieber ;)

hahahahahha SEE?! 

Yes, I also rocked socks and sandals this week. Haters gunna hate!

What did you do this week???

I have been struggling to write a blog post everyday the past couple weeks. 

I have what's called the end of the school semester BLUES

I'm struggling to finish all my last minute assignments on time....


Thanksgiving Goals:

I found this picture, and I want to keep it in mind this Thanksgiving:

Naturally, I will NOT be turning down the pie & goodies...

But I WILL be remembering to eat in proportion.

So many people take Thanksgiving to STUFF themselves!

I want to eat just like its any other meal & STOP when I'm full!!!!!

Goal # 1: Don't overeat

I will be going to my grandparents house in Clark dale near Sedona this Thanksgiving, and another one of my goals is to go hiking while I am there

Goal # 2: Stay Active

That's pretty much it, besides have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only have 3 days of work and classes this week!!


Unfortunately that also means I will have allot of catching up to do when I get back for Monday. 

I hope everyone had the FABULOUS weekend they deserved!!!