Thursday, January 31, 2013

Five Facts About Me!

One of my favorite reads, The Life of Bon had a fun idea to take Instagrams "five facts about me" to the Blog!

If you want to join in on the fun, Put a picture of yourself & 5 facts on your blog and link back up Here!

5 Facts About Me!

 1. My absolute favorite food is ICE CREAM!!! I could eat it any time of the day, rain or snow, winter or summer.... Maybe it's no wonder I have a weightloss blog???? HA!

2. I LOVE to read & I'm 21 years old.... But I have not yet graduated to Adult Books! Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Eragon, The Invention of Hugo Cabret...... I could read them all day. In fact I have read all THREE Hunger Games books THREE times..... If anyone can beat those books in "adult form" let me know!

3. Another interesting fact about me is that these pictures I'm posting are all about 3 years old..... In my opinion I haven't taken a GOOD picture since these ones... If you want to see what I look like NOW you can look at my current before & after pictures HERE! Once I finish losing my weight I will take some pictures I can be proud of ;)

4. I have never cut my hair short! My whole life I have always had "butt length" hair. When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to chop off my golden locks, but my Mom would never let me!!! Now I am so thankful I never did!

5. I blame a HUGE part of my weight problem to the fact that I worked at Dippin Dots Ice Cream from age 15-17 AND I worked at a frozen Yogurt Shop from age 17-18!!! As previously stated... I LOVE ice cream. No Self Control + Ice cream-aholic = Some Serious Weight Issues! Through the years that I worked at these establishments I struggled to keep my weight off. 

*Fun Fact: This is a photo from the yogurt shop I worked at, they actually used it as an add at the AMC movie theater next door! It was pretty fun in Highschool to have your friends go to movies and think you were "famous"!

Now it's your turn!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wod: Angie & Photo Diet!

Don't be fooled... this workout is ALLOT harder than it looks!!

I actually did the scaled version (1/2 of everything) and my time was 12.06!

I would have probably had a little better time but we had a very FULL class in my gym tonight, and someone was in my way on the pull up rig!


Photo Diet:

 Breakfast: Banana & Cottage Cheese

Lunch: Chicken Walnut Salad!!

Dinner: Burrito Bowl! Guac, Cheese, Black Beans, Meat, & Veggies!

Tomorrow I am SO happy I have the day off work to pack and get ready for my move this weekend :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unplanned Rest Day & Photo Diet!

Ever had one of those days where you ended up feeling like this?

Well today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

Hopefully I'm just really tired...and NOT sick!!

Also - I had to skip out on my workout today to go to dinner with my boyfriends parents...

It wasn't the worst thing in the world since I do not feel well, but I feel... Puffy?

Have you ever felt puffy? 

Photo Diet:

 Breakfast: 2 egg omelette with guacamole

 Lunch: chicken salad

Snack: chocolate protein banana smoothie

Dinner: Cesar Salad from a Restaurant (bleh)

Hope ya'll are feeling a whole heck of a lot better than me!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wod & Photo Diet!

This workout was a KILLER!!!

My score was: 30.

I need to work on my conditioning ALLOT more!

It also doesn't help that I don't quite have T2B yet and my double unders are also a little shaky!!

 Photo Diet:
Breakfast: For breakfast I TRIED to eat some of my paleo bread with peanut butter. 

I'm sorry, but I am a little ANGRY at all the positive reviews I read about this bread. 

It is very dense and hard to chew...and also tastes pretty awful. 

 I ended up being able to eat only that much and I threw it all away and ate the banana for breakfast!

I am officially giving up on "paleo" alternatives to bread that can be bought in a store. 

From now on I will either make it homemade or go without!

 Cesar Salad 
 Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

My boyfriend and I usually don't go out to dinner on a Monday, but desperate times call for desperate measures!! 
I got my favorite: Twins Pork (Pork and Bacon) With mixed Veggies!

Hope ya'll had a fantastic day. 

I am sure POOPED!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scenes from a BUSY Weekend:

Where does the time go??!

This weekend went by WAY to fast.. Did time know I was dreading this upcoming week!??

I spent this weekend packing up & getting rid of ALLOT..

Who knew one person could horde so much in 21 years?!

Just a few of my boxes! 

I ate pretty healthy this weekend, (besides my weekly cheat meal)

Egg & Bacon Cups, one of my FAVE breakfasts!

Have I told you that every Saturday morning I torture myself by going to a local pet store and looking at puppies that have been rescued from kill shelters?

Here is a little guy my boyfriend and I loved from this Saturday. 

I am NOT in the market for a new dog right now, but I just LOVE holding puppies!
Plus it does my heart good to go back every Saturday and see how many got adopted to loving homes!

On a negative note - it's been RAINING here in Arizona, I know, CRAZY.

Unfortunately, it turns out my car has a bad leak in it... and I discovered this lovely pond in my passenger side! YAY!

The GOOD thing about Rain is that it almost always brings a Rainbow with it :)

This is the view over my Families favorite local restaurant, we went there for the LAST time since we will be moving 30 minutes away from it!

Since I was a small child we have gone to this restaurant after swim meets, baseball game, cheer competitions, and choir concerts!!!

It was nice to see that rainbow over it today as we said goodbye :)

Did you have a good weekend?

Do you allow yourself weekly cheat meals?

Friday, January 25, 2013


Today My Crossfit gym did an hour of strength ONLY!

For those of you who do Crossfit, you know this is  rare!

After a week of crazy met-cons, it was NEEDED and we did this fun workout:

This workout was SO FUN!

In between each set of 5, you take 2 minutes rest AND add weight to your bar. 

So I started reasonably light for all my reps and would add 5-10 pounds after each set of five!

Your score was tracked by your Heaviest set!

My Score:

Squat: 125 lbs
Press: 65 lbs
Dead lift: 185 lbs

I definitely was inspired to hit up some of the weightlifting classes at my gym and work of strength some more!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Get in a good workout before the weekend! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photo Diet & Rest Day

Today was a pretty busy day... I had to eat out TWICE!

It definitley felt weird, but considering I did not plan ahead, it was a necessity. 

I had school, work & then right after work I had a work meeting that lasted pretty late. 

 2 Egg Omelette

 Burrito Bowl from Quidoba: Chicken, Pico de Gallo, corn, cheese & guac

Dinner: Unpictured
Chicken Teryaki & Veggie Bowl from Yogi's Grill

My View at Work today:
 I let the kids free paint.. which resulted in some finger painting and lots of FUN messes to be made! 

My view from the couch after my work meeting tonight:
My two men securing the perimeter!

Tomorrow I am EXCITED for a fun Strength workout we will be doing at my gym!

I am excited for NO CARDIO! YAY!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wod & Photo Diet!

It was TOUGH to go back to school and work after that awesome 3 day weekend!

I had a pretty good workout today, and ate pretty well too!

For my five rep max I reached a new PR of 105 lbs!!!!! I was VERY happy with my weight!

This was the scaled version of our gyms workout tonight. 

I finished in 9:46 mins!

The workout my boyfriend was doing looked ALLOT harder!

Photo Diet:

 Breakfast: two scrambled eggs and a glass of milk!

 Lunch: 1 large chicken breast chopped into a Cesar salad!

Snack: almonds & water!

Dinner: Delicious glazed pork chop, healthy potato skins and green beans!

I also conquered a personal goal of mine...

To wear a tight/fitted tank top to the gym!

For some reason I have been TERRIFIED to do so... thinking everyone there would judge me. 

Then tonight, as I wore it I came to a realization....


Mind Blowing. 

Have you ever struggled with appearance issues at the gym?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Setting Some New Goals & Sharing my LOVE for Crossfit!!!

Alright its that time again... time to set some NEW GOALS!!!!


Because... As I enter the school semester, I don't want to lose sight of WHY I started this journey. 

Blogging has been harder these past few weeks.

When I stopped constantly blogging my food & workouts, I noticed my weight has plateaued since my last weigh in. 

No significant losses!

This means I need to get BACK ON TRACK!


And now:

I love CrossFit!

Today I went to a couple classes at Lifetime Fitness.

This is something I used to do ALL THE TIME 

I took a F.I.I.T class, and a Barbell Circuit Class - I've tried both in the past (pre crossfit) and found them challenging and a good workout!

Today, as I began both classes I was shocked by how bored, unchallenged and SILLY I felt!!!

In the 4 Months I have been doing Crossfit,

I have learned how hard my body can push

I've never been bored, because Crossfit mixes Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, sprints, and a 

few hard-to-categorize exercises like rope climbing -


Cheers to that!

Now, I don't mean to offend anyone- if classes at lifetime and similar gyms work for you, then by all means, do what works for you!!


I now know, that there is NO turning back for me. 


Somehow, along my fitness journey I have become 

Addicted to CrossFit. 

I know I am in the right place in my journey to a healthier life.