Thursday, June 27, 2013

At Home CROSSFIT Workout!

Tonight, my workout buddies and I were pretty tired and unmotivated - so we decided to do a FAST w.o.d instead of work for the whole hour we had allotted!

So we did this workout!

As Many Rounds of possible of  3-6-9 Burpees, Squats & Sit-ups!

I was able to complete 13 rounds in nine minutes!

I had allot more in me after this workout - I would have GLADLY lifted some weights. 

Unfortunately I have a HUGE test tomorrow (midterm) to study for. 

I would say more - but I STILL need to study for this test!


  1. Great idea. This way you wont lose your rythym!

  2. 9 minutes is definitely a manageable time - I might have to try this!!