Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Workout!

Do twice, PLUS a set for each serving you had of each dish. I'm doing this 3-4 times through... 

I had an AMAZING Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family. 

I actually made it to TWO dinners in one day. This was Jeff and I's first year at going to both Holiday's. 

My stomach really hurt by the end of the day, but it was so nice to be able to spend time with my current family and future family!

I'm finishing up all my final papers right now in order to be able to enjoy Christmas Break.. 


I'm so excited, I've missed it so much!



Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween, Hill Workout and Wedding Plans!

This year I celebrated Halloween at school!

My friends and I were the 3 Blind Mice. Can you tell we are all a bunch of Elementary Ed Majors!!??
I love being in classes with people who share similar passions to me.
We were the only people walking around campus in costume.. and we LOVED it!

Stabbed Eyeball Cake Pops I made for the party at school!

I got in this AWESOME Hill workout this week. Jeff and I have been really into riding our bikes 3 miles to a park by our house and working out outside while the weather is SO nice!!

 Gecko Push-ups... I love them, but I hate them. I especially Hated doing them up hill. 
If you don't know how to do them, there is a video HERE explaining how!

DEAD at the end of the workout. 

ALSO Jeff and I have officially BOOKED our Venue!! Its at a pretty little place called the Shendoah Mill. I stole these pretty pictures off their website, because my phone really didn't do it justice:

This is where we will hold our ring ceremony and quaint little reception! We are so excited. We always wanted a cute little, simple reception and we think we found the PERFECT place for us! We are in LOVE! Now to figure out where we are holding our open house the next weekend......