Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Swimming Workout

Yesterday I did a swimming wod!

I was nervous for this workout, because I have been sick the past couple days but ALSO because I have recognized that swimming is a challenge for me!

I have great skill when it comes to swimming the actual strokes, just not the endurance.

So I thought allot about how when I went to LifeTime and looked at the lap swimmers swimming endless laps - always noticing how slow they were swimming. 

So I figured that must be the secret!

I swam for forty-five minute straight at a nice, slow pace! I alternated between backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke! 

It felt great and I think I got a good workout in!

This past Saturday was an active rest day for me, so I tried a Power Yoga class at my families gym!


The perfect mixture of challenging, and relaxing. 

My favorite part of a yoga class is at the very end when you lay on your mat, close your eyes and relax. 

I always feel SO rested but also energized afterwards!

I've been working really hard on eating allot better too!

Since I've been sick I've had a very small appetite...& I've also been craving fruit!

Yesterday I ate no breakfast and was hardly hungry for lunch but I forced myself to eat:

 Lunch: Small Italian Salad & fruit Salad

Dinner: 3 Homemade meatballs in "clean eating" homemade sweet and sour sauce w/ brown rice and veggies. 
Todays workout for me is going to be weightlifting! YAY...as long as I don't feel too sick (I'm kinda leaning toward just laying in bed all day)

Hope everyone has a great workout!


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