Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crazy, BUSY Week!

I survived my first week as a student in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College!

What I learned: 

These next two years are going to be hard.

I had heard that this program was going to be hard but MAN I am nottt used to all of this work... I got very little sleep and basically did HW all day-everyday. My brain is still in summer mode!??

I DID manage to fit 3 workouts in my week so far and I plan on working out tomorrow too!

I've been loving my workouts and really been able to push myself at the parks by my house, and in my neighborhood gym. 

I DO miss the competitive atmosphere of the CrossFit gym... Today I was working out in a section of our gym doing the 30-20-10 wod for time, while another woman was in the room doing squats..... I almost BEGGED her mid workout to cheer me on! Definitely missing that CF atmosphere!


I've also grown to be obsessed with packing my lunch. 

I'm a huge NERD but I can't help it. 

I plan on documenting all my lunches in pictures and eventually blogging some "lunch diaries" or maybe, How to Pack the Perfect Lunch!

I try to keep all my lunches Gluten Free with fruits & veggies and HIGH protein!!!

How was your week? Everyone Excited for the 3 day weekend??


  1. You're looking really good Dani :) Those are some great WODs!
    I love the look of your lunches. I'm trying to menu plan my lunches for the week as we speak. Would love to know what you're packing.
    Enjoy your long weekend :)

    1. Thanks!!! :) I plan on doing a lunch post soon! xo

  2. I like your lunches too, Dani. I'd like to see more of them just for some new ideas. :D

  3. Excellent! Keep at it. I so need to get me a lunch box thingy like yours. Would make it so much easier for me.

    Maria @ Asphalt & Trails

  4. That's a pretty nice set of work outs. I like that you're not only paying attention to your physical exercises, but to the food you're eating too. These two should always go together to achieve that fit and healthy body everybody wants. Good luck and keep up the good work!

    Ciara Owings @ She's Fit