Friday, August 9, 2013

Weightlifting Day 2, & Couples Yoga!

Boyfriend and I did another Couples Yoga challenge tonight! It's actually really fun to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones to try these poses out!

I never realized how much I actually trusted him until tonight, when I let him hold me up in a handstand! 

I was also super surprised I was able to balance so well in that position. I assumed it would be harder to hold and I would topple over!

Lucky for me, all those (long ago) years of gymnastics and tumbling classes paid off and I still posses some of my long lost balance ;)

Today's weightlifting workout is in a similar format, but not the same as the one I did earlier this week. 

From now on I will be having 2 weightlifting days a week and 2-3 long runs/bikes/swims!

Yesterday was my rest day but I thought I might swim a few laps in my boyfriends pool just to see where I was fitness wise....

Swimming is HARD!

I'm actually a great swimmer - Besides Gymnastics, I did swim team and took Olympic strokes training classes until I was 15 years old!

But the ENDURANCE it takes to swim long distance... I do NOT have that right now!!

In my memories of being on swim team, the coach would make you swim thousands of meters a practice and you were totally fine!


That being said, previously my main concern about a triathlon was the run - but now I KNOW the hardest part to train for will be the swim!

This will especially be a challenge for me, because the gym my family goes to does not have a lap pool!

I'm still trying to workout the details of how I can get VERY cheap access to a lap pool!

Until then.. I will swim many many laps in my boyfriends family's recreational pool!

Hope everyone had a great day today!

p.s. have you seen these yummies in the grocery store???

They are in the freezer section and are SO good!!!

They are my latest obsession - and totally more convenient than the mess of making them yourself!


  1. Swimming is hard - I don't even try to swim for a workout!
    I love that yoga pose y'all are doing - very cool!

    1. I AGREE! Swimming is one of my weaknesses right now! Thank you! :)

  2. Loving this whole post. I need to get my swim on while the summer is still happening!