Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BABIES! CrossFit Workout & What I ate!

My Boyfriends BEAUTIFUL niece Autumn was born today!!!

I just LOVE babies!

I also had a pretty awesome workout today:

In the beginning we used the D balls 
(I think that's what they called them)
Basically you dead lift this giant, heavy ball into your lap and toss it over your shoulder!

You are scored by how heavy of a ball you manage to get over your shoulder for the last 3!


I was SO excited because last time I worked with these I was only able to do 80 lbs!!!

Then  for the second part of the wod, it was a GREAT cardio workout!!!

The 35 lbs kettle bell swings were a little heavy for me, but I was determined to do this rx'ed!

I finished in 8.21!!

This was a great time for me and I was able to finish as one of the first people in my class!!!

Everyday that I show up to CrossFit I feel better and better about it!

 Breakfast: 1 fried egg over cauliflower & 1/2 an avacado

Lunch: For lunch I made PROTEIN ICE  CREAM!  I was getting bored of the same - everyday thing. Sometimes its good to switch things up a bit!!!

 I Just blended together 1 banana, some almond milk, protein powder & agave nectar, then threw it in my cute little ice cream maker!

Dark chocolate covered fruit!

Dinner (unpictured): Chipolte burrito bowl, eaten in the car on the way to visit baby Autumn!
Lettuce, Guacamole, Chicken, Grilled Veggies & Pico!

So far, so good for this week! My body feels great & I definitely am ALLOT happier with my appearance lately!


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  2. You're doing great at those CrossFit WODs!! Keep it up :)