Monday, April 22, 2013

Workout & What I ate Today!

My gym has switched to doing a strength routine every Monday, which I LOVE!

Sometimes its nice to go into CrossFit and instead of doing everything as fast as you can (for time), be able to lift heavy stuff around and rest in between!

You can start at any weight you want, but you are "scored" by he heaviest set of 3 you finish (your fifth set)

For my squats I was able to hit 125 lbs 

Press 70 lbs

and Deadlift 205 lbs!

I love the feeling of knowing I can lift heavy weights! Every time I try I get better!

ALSO this is so exciting:

At my gym I made it in the top 5 for Press & Deadlift!

That has only ever happened to me once before! So exciting!

For Breakfast I participated in the Green Smoothie Challenge going on HERE!

 Lunch: Cashew, Chicken & Cauliflower Salad!

Snack (unpictured) Sweet Potato drizzled in honey!

 Dinner: BRUSSELS SPROUT SLAW! So delicious  I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and knew I had to try it! Who knew you could chop up Brussels sprout like lettuce! 
Mine is tossed in a Strawberry Vinaigrette with chicken, chopped strawberries, chopped almonds, red onions & feta cheese!

Best Part of the Day:
Had an AWESOME graph today!

I hope in 5 weeks I could REALLY weigh 132 lbs!!!

Hope ya'll had a great day!


  1. I love focused strength training! Congrats on making the top 5 list!! :)

  2. All of this food looks amazing! Especially that salad #foodporn

  3. OMG, that looks so yummy!! Great post! Great blog!!!

  4. Great job!!!