Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cheat Day - Eww.

Well, my first cheat in 30 days went allot different than I thought it would..

For starters, I found myself NOT WANTING the food I ate. All day. 

I had to convince myself to eat it, that I would have regrets if I didn't...

Honestly after doing this cheat day, I have decided I won't be doing it again until I go on vacation in June!

All day I have felt disgusting and sick!

Here is what I ate:

 Breakfast: two pancakes

 Lunch: I only ate two of the giant onion rings & about 1/3 of the hamburger & most of the shake. The Hamburger and onion rings were so unapetizing to me I was shocked!

 Deep dish Pizza from my favorite pizza place!

Here is the best part...

I tracked EVERYTHING I ate on My-fitness pal app, and If I ate like I did today EVERYDAY, I would gain 30 pounds in 5 weeks...


I thought allot after seeing that about how so many people who know little about nutrition may eat the way I did today on a normal day, and how easy it could be to gain back weight if you lose sight of your goals. 

I wanted today to be a day where I got to feast on forbidden foods.

Instead all I could do all day was think about the harm the food I was eating would do to my body!

I have learned a valuable lesson today, and that lesson is that

I have changed. 

I don't crave sugary and fried foods anymore

I didn't get a "good feeling" from these foods. 

I've grown to prefer gluten free & fresh options

In fact, I might as well start telling people I'm gluten free!!!!

I can't predict the future, but I can tell you that I WILL NOT be participating in a planned cheat day like this again. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have a terrible stomach ache and headache to tend to - (yes, you guessed it - caused by the food I ate today)


  1. Those stats are a real eye opener -- gaining back in one month what you've worked to lose over 10 ... that's definitely an eye-opener.

    It's great that you've changed. I think over time the need for a meal to be labeled a cheat meal is unnecessary because it will be such a rare occasion. The good thing is that you know how different your tastes are now and how you now enjoy the things you eat ... the health benefits then become perks :)

    1. So true!! I know seeing how much weight I could gain by eating that way really made me wish I had learned about nutrition before! Now I know why I used to gain ten pounds on vacation!

  2. Wow that is crazy but good thing your changed.. i know i need a wake up call too sometimes on the things i choose!

  3. Wow that MFP stat is amazing. It really puts it into perspective!!

  4. What a great post! I am coming from KTJ's and am a new follower! I am excited to be a reader!


  5. I love the reversal role of this post. I think everyone should track their cheats so they could see what it would do if they ate that way daily. 30 pounds in 30 days. WHOA!
    Love it. Linking from KTJ's and looking forward to reading more!
    Lulu and Daisy

  6. I'm a new follower from non-scale victories. I started changing my eating habits last semester and I have found that I no longer enjoy many of the foods I craved constantly when I was bigger. It is always nice to discover you aren't missing anything by eating healthy!

    Ashley @

  7. Sounds like that cheat day was actually really successful since it makes you not even want to cheat! Can't get better than that! Nice!

  8. Sometimes I feel like a cheat day is needed, but maybe more a cheat meal. This post really puts it into perspective though! That you could gain x amount in just a month if eating like that occurred each day. Thanks for sharing this!