Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Fun(nier) Side of Weightloss!

You Try to be one of those cool people who takes selfies for their blogs, but end up looking INCREDIBLY Awkward, Because:

Clothes start to be FUN to try on and buy!

My closet right now... 
Ever since I've dropped the 19 lbs I've had so many more options & I find ALLOT more that fits me at stores! Last year at this time I was getting ANXIETY realizing I could only wear sweatpants all summer...

When your being lazy and napping in the middle of the day, you look down and get to think "Hey! when I lay down my stomach is really flat!"
(It also boosts your self esteem if you do this while wearing pajama shorts that are way tooo big!)

Your arms slowly start to look more muscly and sculpted and a little less flabby. (still working on it).
(I'm probably the only one who really see's a difference in my arms!)

When your supposed to be working (or doing hw) you instead find yourself obsessing over pinterest, weightloss recipes, workouts, and pinning from other fitness/weightloss bloggers so you guys can be bff's.....

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Now if you'll excuse me, I guess I have to get back to my homework!


  1. Cute post!! :)

    Your arms are looking NICE!! Keep up the great work!

    Clothes are starting to become a nightmare for me! The clothes I bought in the end of November are are already too big. Even the clothes I bought in February are starting to become baggy. Of course I'm happy, but it's also annoying coz' I really don't want to buy anymore clothes right now!

    1. I can totally relate to your clothes issue! I have a huge bag of clothes to sell that are now too big! And isn't it a pain to buy clothes when you know in a few months they may be too big?

  2. You look great! I definitely notice the definition in your arms. Have fun filling up that closet. :)

  3. Hey girlie! So glad you're joining us for the green smoothie challenge. :-)