Monday, April 15, 2013

J is for JUICING! W.I.A & CrossFit Strength Wod!

Have any of you ever tried the My Fitness Pal App!!??

I just downloaded it and I LOVE it!!!

I think most people use it to count calories, but I have been using it to keep track of how much protein/carbs/fats I'm eating!

Apparently my first few weeks of the 30 day paleo challenge, I wasn't getting enough carbs (your body needs them for energy, especially for crossfitters)

So now I am closely monitoring my intake! I have to say its FUN!

Photo Diet:

For Breakfast I juiced all of this madness (I'm going to start adding more veggies in)
1 cucumber, watermelon chunks, 1 orange, 1 pineapple spear, 4 strawberries & some grapefruit chunks!

Lunch: 1/2 a Sweet Potato (see, getting those good carbs in!) & a Chopped Spinach Salad w/ 1 chicken breast, a dallop of hummus, & chopped almonds

 Then I snacked on some homemade Apple Chips

 Dinner: Pork & Bacon Stir Fry with Carrots & Brocolli!

Last but not least, My Fitness Pal Results for the Day!

 I always eat a little over the calories it calculates for me to lose weight, but it's always fun to finish logging your calories for the day and see a message like this! 

My protein, fat and carb breakdown for the day!!

I did really well! 

My goal is to eat about 40-70 grams of good carbs a day (wheat and gluten free)

The protein and fat are pretty spot on, although I would like to bring the fat down just a bit!

Do you use fitness apps to keep on track?

The wod that was programmed for us today was the SAME as last Monday, 

except unlike this picture, we did 5 sets of 5 reps this week!!

I did pretty well!

115 lbs on my back squat
65 lb press
165 lb deadlift

My numbers are slowlllllllyyy crawling up there!

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  1. Nicely done with your CrossFit WOD. The spinach/chicken salad looks so good! :)