Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saying NO to Peeps!!! Photo Diet & Wod!

Do you have a seasonal LOVE for a certain candy/sweet?

It seems like I have one for EVERY season!!!

Why is it that we associate Holidays with TREATS!?

For Easter It's Peeps:

For Halloween its Candy Corn Pumpkins:

For Christmas its Brach's Christmas Candy:
For Valentine's day its a whole ASSORTMENT of things, Like:

The worst part is, I JUSTIFY eating these every holiday!!!

How many times have I thought:

"Well..it is Christmas. It should be okay to eat bad, after Christmas I'll do better!"

In the midst of the challenge I'm doing, EASTER happened. 

What did my family get me for Easter???


My loving mother gave these to me, KNOWING I am NOT eating sugar right now, but assumed I would make an exception... "Because it's Easter". 

This year, I decided to SAY NO to Easter Peeps.

I took this picture on the stage of the elementary school I work at, because I gave the peeps to the children/coworkers I work with instead of eating them!!!!

It was hard at first, because I truly have an ADDICTION to sugar, and these are probably the Most sugar-filled thing you could ever eat. 
(anyone recovering from sugar addiction knows how I feel)

But then I felt GREAT when they were gone!

I am proud that I actively made the choice to say NO. 
(and that its even possible). 

I am very excited to know I can say NO to the holiday sweets this upcoming year! ITS POSSIBLE!

Photo Diet:


I had a great day and found these all organic, 70% dark chocolate, naturally sweetened covered almonds at the store to have for dessert!

I had a great workout as well - 

I was able to hit 135 lbs 1 rep max in my front squat (NEW PR!)
& 115 lb 2 rep max!

For the second portion of the wod, I used a 26 lb kettlebell instead of the 35 lbs and had to substitute 60 singles for the double unders (that's still a developing skill for me)

Hope everyone had a healthy day!

What are your favorite holiday treats?


  1. Well done for not giving in to those Peeps!! :)

  2. This is such an awesome post. Way to be strong!!