Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yoga at CROSSFIT??!!

That's right people, another reason for me to OBSESS over my CrossFit Gym!

 Its no secret, I am NOT a flexible person!!

Which is why I have decided to try and make these yoga classes part of my weekly routine!

Our trainer was incredible:

Meet Kristin! My new Yoga Instructor!
"Kristin has become widely involved in sharing yoga with the athlete community. She is currently working with the ASU athletic teams, triathlete groups, sports rehab centers and Crossfit athletes." -EVCF CROSSFIT

With that being said(I did not read that well enough before class), I assumed this would be a relaxing yoga class (like some of the classes I have taken at Lifetime Fitness)


Turns out when they say "Yoga for Athletes" its TOUGH STUFF!

I will proudly tell you I was drenched in sweat and very sore after taking her yoga class!

Here are a few of the things I have eaten the past few days:

 Chocolate Protein Quinoa Hot Cereal!
 Made with quinoa flakes, almond butter, agave nectar, honey & chocolate protein powder!

 Salad from a Community Garden Project I was involved in for my BIO105 class!
I LOVE gardening and LOVED the class!
Oh, and how great is it that we spent our last class harvesting a salad??

 Me and my home grown veggies!!!

 snack apple slices!

 Breakfast Smoothie

Paleo Stuffed Peppers, SO SO SO YUMMY!!!!!!

And now, Off to fulfill my goal of MORE SLEEP!


  1. haha you had me dieing at the picture.. I follow the same her on instagram and i am always like hummm i should try this.. lol never looks anything like it!

    hahah Happy friday girly!

  2. Too cute! haha. New follower from

  3. Your legs look awesome, very little cellulite. Sheila @ The Frugal Exerciser