Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

Alright, you caught me. 

This post may NOT be fitness related!

But I saw a blogger that I ADORE doing a throwback Thursday link up, and when I saw this weeks theme was Elementary School Crush, I couldn't HELP but link up with her!!!

P.s. if you want to link up, the link party is going on HERE!

Oh elementary school. 

If you were cool, you had a boyfriend or girlfriend (that you would never talk to, EVER) or if you were NOT cool (like me) then you loved from afar. 

I had some pretty crazy unrequited love/crushes that went on from 3rd grade to 5th grade!


My beautiful Limited Too Diary. 

Here I am in all my glory. (if you can see me..)

Here is another picture from this time period, I AM ON THE FAR LEFT!

As you can see, I was NOT one of those elementary school "beauties".  

The gallery of the boys I loved... Jarred & Jason. 



Don't they look like the typical elementary school hunks???
They both were athletes (meaning, they ran around on the playground VERY well) and I LOVED both of them. 

Jason I loved in third grade and Jarred I loved in Fourth and Fifth Grade. 
I loved Jarred MORE than I ever loved Jason. 
I sat next to Jarred for many long months... I NEVER TALKED TO HIM!

My whole life, I have been able to look back and laugh that in my childhood, I was OBSESSED with someone for two years whom I never spoke to. 

He probably thought I was VERY creepy!

Lucky for me, I looked him up on facebook a couple years ago.... Just to see what the stud of my childhood dreams was up to...

And he is a TOTAL LOSER NOW!

Okay - I don't normally talk about people like that. 
Let me say it like this - High-school Drop out/Stoner Status!

What were some crazy crush experiences you had as a kid!!??


  1. I think it would be hilarious to look back at something like that! I hate looking at pics of me when I was younger, I had like 16 year awkward stage!! hahaha! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I'm just wondering, does that picture from your journal identify yourself as your favorite movie star? Because if so, that's awesome. That's probably the exact same thing I would do. :P
    It's definitely an interesting twist to find out that he didn't grow up to be so hot!

  3. Hi there, stopping over from Life of Bon. I really love the fact that you filled out the Limited Too diary - I kind of wish I had something like that to look back on. Maybe I should buy one and fill it out now so when I hit 40 I'll have something interesting to look back on.