Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weightlifting Wod & My Day 2 Day!

FINALLY got to the gym today!!! 

It felt AMAZING!

I was able to hit:

 125 lbs on the Squats
70 lbs on the Press
195 on the Deadlift


As for my goal of taking pictures of my food, I did a little better...

 Breakfast was a banana with peanut butter

 Lunch was a Chicken Cesar Salad

Snack: Cantaloupe!

I ate dinner at my new place of work! I am working respite care for a family, and I am absolutely LOVING IT!!!!!!

Today they fed me, which was incredibly sweet of them and it was a delicious Hamburger!

Not too shabby on my daily eats, but I definitely need to get back into logging my food onto My Fitness Pal!!!

Also, after I worked today I was able to get a chance to meet with these guys and say good bye!!!!!
These are some of the missionaries I have come to love over the past month and it was hard to say good bye!!!

Aren't they adorable?? Such funny little guys!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Tuesday!


  1. Totally awesome! I started Crossfit last month and love it! So glad I found your blog through WOW! Also I am hosting a link-up, Total Fitness Wednesdays, and would love it if you could join me! Here is the link! http://asphaltandtrails.blogspot.com/2013/06/total-fitness-wednesday-3-getting-back.html

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Over from the link up.

    Great job this week! I love the food picture diary...so fun!

  3. Love the photo food diary! I'm barely keeping my up on MFP, much less getting a photo. Love the missionaries! It's unbelievable what they do. Great job this week!