Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Workout: Farmer Carries and Sled Push!!!

I heard it was national runners day today... I do NOT like running. 

I run when I have to at CrossFit, and I (sometimes) enjoy running sprints!

So to celebrate National Runner's Day, I lifted some heavy weights at my gym!!!

(what farmer carries look like!)

The workout we did today included farmer carries & sled pushes!!

Going into the workout I was nervous because I had never done a farmer carry before - but I LOVED it!!!!!

A Farmer Carry is where you pick up something heavy in each hand and walk a certain distance with them!

I did 6 rounds of farmer carries for 20 yards at 80 lbs in each hand! 

I definitely could have added more weight - but I was partnered with two other people who were still working on building up their strength, so I just worked with 80 :)

For the Sled Pushes I did 6 rounds for time at 40 yards for 90 lbs!!!

Overall, it was a short but fun workout!

I treated myself afterwards by swimming in the sweet AZ sunshine!



  1. Sounds like a BOSS workout! Good job!

  2. I hate running too, 80lbs each hand sounds freaking bad ass to me!!

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  4. Hi Dani! That is super strong! You know, this just goes to show that a person doesn't have to be a "Helga" to be a strong woman. I write about this sometimes, but no one can lift a weight by looking brutish or mean. It takes true strength, not a "Helga" glare. Pretty woman can be strong. We don't look or act like guys. We are just powerful women--at our best.

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion!!! SO TRUE!! There is an awful mindset about lifting weights... People think they will get too BIG or start to look MANLY! But truly I have never looked better or more feminine than when I started lifting weights!
      Thanks for stopping by! :) xoxo

  5. Love this workout - it's perfect because these are 2 exercises I've been wanting to start incorporating into my routine. :)

    1. Give it a try sometime it was super fun!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  6. I'm going to try Cross fit a month after I finish with physical therapy. It's too intense to try now. Stopping by from the Friday link-up

  7. I love that in the same week it is national runners day it is donut day today! hahaha