Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scenes from a BUSY Weekend:

Where does the time go??!

This weekend went by WAY to fast.. Did time know I was dreading this upcoming week!??

I spent this weekend packing up & getting rid of ALLOT..

Who knew one person could horde so much in 21 years?!

Just a few of my boxes! 

I ate pretty healthy this weekend, (besides my weekly cheat meal)

Egg & Bacon Cups, one of my FAVE breakfasts!

Have I told you that every Saturday morning I torture myself by going to a local pet store and looking at puppies that have been rescued from kill shelters?

Here is a little guy my boyfriend and I loved from this Saturday. 

I am NOT in the market for a new dog right now, but I just LOVE holding puppies!
Plus it does my heart good to go back every Saturday and see how many got adopted to loving homes!

On a negative note - it's been RAINING here in Arizona, I know, CRAZY.

Unfortunately, it turns out my car has a bad leak in it... and I discovered this lovely pond in my passenger side! YAY!

The GOOD thing about Rain is that it almost always brings a Rainbow with it :)

This is the view over my Families favorite local restaurant, we went there for the LAST time since we will be moving 30 minutes away from it!

Since I was a small child we have gone to this restaurant after swim meets, baseball game, cheer competitions, and choir concerts!!!

It was nice to see that rainbow over it today as we said goodbye :)

Did you have a good weekend?

Do you allow yourself weekly cheat meals?


  1. Hey, I live in AZ, too! We did the Tempe Color Run Saturday...IN THE RAIN!!! But it was such a blast! S much fun!

  2. Hey Dani!!! I couldn't do it. I couldn't go hold a puppy every weekend and not take it with me home :P

    I know you don't like kittens but I have to tell you the story. I was hanging out of my house at 5 am and I saw a kitty cat 5 houses away from mine. So I started meowing in the hope the kitty would like me (I always meow to kittens and if they meow back I'll spend some minutes meowing to them no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing). So then the kitty came close to me and started purring and rubbing himself against me :D The cutest thing hahaha

    I didn't have the greatest weekend though. Line went back to Denmark on Friday so I spend my weekend dealing with it and trying to get my focus back on my studies and my weight loss.

    And about the weekly cheats....well lets say that it's all I've been allowing myself to have for the last month :P

    Have a good one!


  3. Hey! Stopping by, new follower :) Excited to read about your weight loss journey! Taking one of my own...