Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Workout & Food! Jan 9th

Today went by SO fast... It felt like Friday!

Getting back to CrossFit this week has been great, but I am ALREADY so sore. 

THANK GOODNESS tomorrow is a rest day!

Today's Workout:

This workout KILLED!

Each round had a 10 minute time cap. 

If you finished the rounds you kept track of your time & added all times together for final score!

If you didn't finished all 3 rounds of each set you took a ten minute score. 

My score was 19 minutes 36 seconds.... Not my best!

I even ripped my hand doing pull ups :,(

On a Happier note, I ate AWESOME today!

 2 eggs scrambled w/ cheese


Then I made a salad with lettuce from my families GARDEN!!!!


Salad: Fresh Picked Lettuce, 3 Hard Boiled Eggs, Avocado & Turkey


Jeff Made me my FAVORITE green beans... 

Cooked with Bacon, Carrots & a sprinkling of fancy cheese!

He also made homemade barbecue sauce for the drumsticks!

We are a match made in heaven... I buy the groceries with coupons, He COOKS and  I help with the dishes!

How did ya'll do today?


  1. YEsterday was not so good. I went for a meal with my family and had a big ol' plate of fish and chips - knocked my healthy eating for the day WAY off course. Nevermind though, today is another day and I can do better in future :)


  2. Pull ups are so brutal on the hands!
    Dinner looks delicious!!