Thursday, January 10, 2013


It feels SO GOOD to be SORE!

I love that I have been able to get back in the swing of things this week.

Thank you so much for all the supportive comments!!!

Today's Food:


For breakfast I met up with my grandma at her nursing/retirement home, which is really like an AMAZING restaurant & hotel. 

I had a delicious bowl of mixed fruit, a little ham omlette, breakfast potatos & bacon!

Notice how perfect the portion control is there?!!!

Lunch: Chicken & green Beans from Last night!

Cauliflower crust Pizza! 

Completely Gluten Free!!!

I had found this recipe on the internet, gave it to jeff 
(explaining I had been CRAVING some good pizza)
& this is what he made me!

I will be sharing the recipe tomorrow, because it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!

***The original pin said you could still pick it up in your hands..... 

With the amount of cheese & toppings we put on, we def had to eat ours with a fork!

Also, Today I toured my new house, as I am MOVING on Feb 1st!

 My sister standing in my new room!
The Kitchen

It's still in the works, but apparently will be ready for move in on Feb 1st... YIKES!

It is an understatement to say I should have started packing a WEEK ago. 

I have lived my WHOLE LIFE in my current house.....

That means I've accumulated ALLOT of stuff. 


Hope everyone had a great day!

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