Monday, January 21, 2013

Setting Some New Goals & Sharing my LOVE for Crossfit!!!

Alright its that time again... time to set some NEW GOALS!!!!


Because... As I enter the school semester, I don't want to lose sight of WHY I started this journey. 

Blogging has been harder these past few weeks.

When I stopped constantly blogging my food & workouts, I noticed my weight has plateaued since my last weigh in. 

No significant losses!

This means I need to get BACK ON TRACK!


And now:

I love CrossFit!

Today I went to a couple classes at Lifetime Fitness.

This is something I used to do ALL THE TIME 

I took a F.I.I.T class, and a Barbell Circuit Class - I've tried both in the past (pre crossfit) and found them challenging and a good workout!

Today, as I began both classes I was shocked by how bored, unchallenged and SILLY I felt!!!

In the 4 Months I have been doing Crossfit,

I have learned how hard my body can push

I've never been bored, because Crossfit mixes Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, sprints, and a 

few hard-to-categorize exercises like rope climbing -


Cheers to that!

Now, I don't mean to offend anyone- if classes at lifetime and similar gyms work for you, then by all means, do what works for you!!


I now know, that there is NO turning back for me. 


Somehow, along my fitness journey I have become 

Addicted to CrossFit. 

I know I am in the right place in my journey to a healthier life. 


  1. More power to you for enjoying it - it sounds like torture to me ;) Then again I'm still in cardio mode with my fitness (the zombies need to catch me before I have to stand my ground) so there's been little in the way of resistance training. Pushing weights on a sled looks kinda fun though :0

    Zombie Fitness

  2. I love CrossFit too and totally miss it now that the classes don't work with my new routine. Keep up the great work & good luck with your plan. I've got a new plan too to coincide with my new semester!

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