Friday, January 18, 2013

Pranks, Food and TGIF!

FINALLY! End of week one!!!!!

Sorry for the absence of blogging!

I usually either blog at night, OR most of the time, before I go to work in the early afternoon. 

This week I went straight from School, to Work, to the Gym, then to eat Dinner..

Then it would be like 9:30 and I would watch tv and pass out :)


I got PRANKED this week.. BAD!

Have you ever tried to order Paleo Bread or Gluten Free bread before?

For some reason I haven't been able to find it at the local whole foods (I'm blind?)

So in a moment of poor judgement, I ordered it online instead!

WELL, the other day when I came home late at night and exhausted, my family told me my bread had come!

This is what I got:

I was so tired (and upset, we'll discuss later) that I didn't question that this wasn't my bread, and thought I had been SCAMMED!

My family of course thought it was hilarious, and made me try it (it was disgusting)....

Obviously I threw a giant fit and was planning on writing a letter of complaint the next day when my family informed me that it was a prank... and if I wasn't so tired I wouldn't have fallen for it!


So at least my bread is still coming...

Some Delicious & Healthy Meals from this Week:

 Chicken & Potato/Parsnips 
Chicken, Brocolli & Healthy Potato Skins 
 Pork Chops topped with Grilled Veggies & Green Beans
 Two Fried Eggs on Green Beans
 Milk, Pineapple & Strawberry Smoothie
Chicken & Brocolli

I was happy that even though I had a CRAZY busy week, I was able to eat pretty healthy!

Wod's From the Week:

From the Fran & 1/2 wod My hands ended up like this:


Hope ya'll had a good week too!

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  1. Ouch! Hope your hands aren't too painful!

    I hope you can see the funny side of the paleo bread prank now, though :)

    Zombie Fitness