Monday, October 8, 2012

Deer in the Headlights: CrossFit edition

Today's Workout of the Day.... It was TOUGH

It was 5 stations, 3 rounds for time, rotate every minute, rest a minute after each round..

Also known as Fight Gone Bad Format!

First we started out with a warm-up:

After this I was like omg... That used to be like a WHOLE workout for me!!! HAHA

I was def scared for the actual workout tho!

Your score was based on your total amount of reps (except for the row, that was based off calories burned)

I ended up scoring 184, which was def not very high compared to other scores in the group!
And also, I STILL Cannot do a toes to bar yet!

I think I def have a deer in the headlights look on my face in the classes though, as I made friends today with someone in the class, she could tell I was a Newbie and suggested I go to a weightlifting class during the week sometime-

Because they really help you work on your form and technique!

I will def be checking that out this week!!! :)

*****One of my lovely followers asked what I use to create these workout graphics earlier this week, and I  FORGOT to share it...

I Use a FREE photo editor I found online, click   HERE   to access it and see if it works for you and your blog!! :)

Happy Workouts!


  1. I've taken 2 days off .... Back to the gym tomorrow 530 spin.... Then I'll go like MADD for the next 5 days! YAHOOO cross fit sounds challenging

  2. Madness! Good luck on the weighlifting in between sessions, but don't overdo it. You'll be no good to anyone if you pull our back out :)


  3. Thank you so much for the info! Good job on the crossfit!