Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOD & Halloween FEVER

Another Strength Workout!!!

I LOVE Strength training workouts/conditioning ANY day!

Maybe its my cheer backround of finding joy in lifting/throwing around girls the same size as me?


This year is the LAST year I will be living in my childhood home, as my family is MOVING for the first time in Feb!

It is def a bitter sweet feeling!!!!


As Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I have decided to go ALL out and create a mini "Haunted House" 
(more like a Haunted Walkway) In my front yard for Halloween!!!!!

This was also inspired by my love love LOVE to dress up as a zombie...

Us last year!!!  (I'm in the middle!)

(after our zombie walk at Ihop)

Obviously, I take these things Extremely Serious. 

I finished my Homework today as FAST as I could to get Ideas for my haunted entry way!

Only a week left to prepare it!!

Here are some of my ideas:

Fog Machine in the Entry Way

DIY Haunted House Silhouettes Using Moving Boxes. From reddit here. In the comments section someone asked how they made the translucent parts. In another comment the person who made the cutouts answered:    I used contact paper, tissue paper and modge podge for the eyes. I used cardboard, black paint, and duct tape for the rest! You can’t see them from the inside of the house because there are curtains behind them.

Scary Silhouettes in the windows

Halloween DIY
pvc pipe cemetary gates

This pic is LAME but, obviously create some sort of doorway

& Obviously lots of do not enter & halloween signs!!!!

Got any ideas???


  1. Wow Dani you really do take Halloween seriously. Are you being a zombie this year too!? I'm sure Jamie can give you some good pointer :)

    Have a good one!


    PS: You have been chosen for a Libster Award congratulations!!! Pass by my blog to know the details :D

    1. Thanks for the nomination Emilio! I had so much fun creating a liebster blog post! :)

  2. Love the Halloween ideas!!
    Doesn't weight-lifting make you feel so empowered?! Love it too :)