Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love Note Sunday!

Wow, how do the weekends go by so fast???

I had an amazing week/weekend. 

Filled with fun activities and some new and exciting plans are being made for my future ;)

Anyone care to take a guess what they are??!!!

I had an awesome food day - besides the fact that one of the SWEETEST older ladies that goes to church with Jeffrey, whom I am very close with brought me BROWNIES!

Out of pure love and courtesy for this person, I HAD to eat one :)

 Breakfast: Omlette with Guacamole!!! 

The Kind Note that came with the Brownies My Dear Friend brought to me! I feel so blessed to know her and call her my friend. We may have about 40 years of age difference, but everytime I see her I feel extremley loved. 

Do You have close friends you have a huge age difference with??

 Dinner: Sweet Potato, Steamed Veggies & Bacon Wrapped Chicken!!!

Jeffrey and I ended our day with snuggles from a puppy that is VERY scared of Halloween Decorations!!!!

How was your weekend??

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats


  1. That note is awesome; it's good to have friends like that. My weekend wasn't so good; partied hearty on Friday which meant a bad result on the scales :(


  2. What a sweet note!! :)
    I have a few close friends who are much older than me ... but I've realized with that type of friendship, age is never an issue.