Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interesting Day in Food World

Today I felt AWESOME! 

The scale read 146 - a weight I have not weighed in a LONG time!

Also my boyfriends family was getting together to celebrate his birthday - and I had the most AMAZING Dinner!!!

But first-

I'm noticing a bad habit I have with the weekends!

During the week I have a fabulous routine...Then during the weekends I seem to ditch that and eat at weird times, skip meals and "Cheat"

How do I fix this??? 

I guess it's just what comes with having two days to CRAM all the things I can't do during the week!

Speaking of this week:


That means I have a WHOLE week off work!


Lets talk food:

 I woke up LATE and made this delicious breakfast:
2 egg omlette
2 pieces of Bacon

Then I skipped lunch?
I wasn't hungry and I didn't even realize it!

At My Boyfriends House:
 I snacked on this fruit platter while I waited for dinner

Look at these amazing steaks!!!

Seriously...I wish it was Jeff's Birthday EVERYDAY just so I could eat this steak!!!

My plate looked amazing, I wish I took a picture!
My Plate:
Sweet Potato


Then of course, I ruined all my good food choices with a piece of cake and ice cream. 

Hey, It was his birthday!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's CF Workout...

I'm scared, it looks ROUGH


  1. Those steaks look gooood! Great result on the weigh in too!

  2. I also making crappy choices on the weekend. Through the week I do such a great job, then Bam!...the weekend gets here and I think I can shove total crap in my mouth. I am trying to get better about it, but I can't say that I have made huge improvements yet. I am on fall break too....yippeeeeee!