Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I ate WHAT today??!!

Today was one of "those" days....

You know, the kind where your phone dies in the night so your alarm doesn't go off, and then you miss you first class?

Then you have to tell SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILDREN they are not allowed to kiss on the playground. Then Feel REALLY OLD. 

The kind of day where you hear two fourth grade girls talking about you in whispers....and you realize it STILL makes you mad. 

Then you stoop on their level and threaten to put them in time out ;)

You know, one of THOSE days.

 Breakfast: Omelette & Coffe Splurge 

 Snack: Paleo Cookie!

 Lunch: Chicken & Veggies & a tinnnny piece of some sort of meat my mom made? A true lunch of "leftovers"

WHAT THE %$####&&*!!!! IS THAT???!!! 
Oh yah... Thats the FREAKIN DELICIOUS bar I ate at my work today. 

Not even ashamed. It was delicious. 

After Workout Protein Shake!

Dinner: Delicious Teryaki/Ginger Chicken with Mixed Veggies YUM

Hoping your day was better than mine!


  1. I definitely know days like that! Hope tomorrow is better :)

  2. I hate "those" days. Whenever I feel like a day is going to not go my way, I try to find things to make it better - like dressing up, blasting music and having a mini dance party, or stretching and doing some calming yoga for like 10 minutes! Sometimes it is all a mental thing and you can totally turn your day around :)
    All of your eats look delicious...especially that apple crunch thingy!

    1. I will def have to try some of those :)
      Thanks for stopping by!