Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Weigh In - Gain 1 lb & Setting Goals

I kind of suspected I would have a gain today. I'm not sure why...

Needless to say I am NOT beating myself up over it. 

I'm on a journey to health which means I shouldn't be obsessing over the scale!

I do have allot more fat to lose.. But what if I gained a lb of muscle?

I wouldn't want to be mad about that! I want to celebrate!

What I'm trying to say is, 

I am doing everything right

I'm eating Healthy

I'm working out often 

The weightloss & success will follow!

Starting Weight: 157
Current Weight: 147
Low Weight: 146
Goal Weight: 115

Lbs Lost: 10

Now, to keep myself on track for this upcoming week, here are my GOALS


I am writing this now because I have been skipping Wednesday CrossFits because I've been SORE! Not a good enough reason to skip!

I realize looking back on my meals this week I am not getting enough veggies!
Less starch more Veggies!
(Maybe less dairy products?)

I haven't ran in awhile....
Since I AM training for a Spartan Race in Feb, It's probably a good idea for me to get my butt out there and run!!

 Did you guys meet your exercise weight loss goals for the week? What are your new goals for the upcoming week?


  1. Super sore = water retention
    I really doubt you gained a pound. I bet it'll flush out. Stay positive :).

  2. Good plan for your week! I should write mine out as well just so that I make sure I don't skip any sessions.
    As you said, you're doing everything right - keep it up :)

  3. Looks like you're doing great, so stay the course :) I wouldn't worry about the gain either; as Maureen said, pretty soon that'll get rid of itself :)