Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Was it the CrossFit?

I took TWO small power-naps today...

And now, an HOUR before I usually go to bed, I am EXHAUSTED and heading to bed. 

This is definitely going to take some getting used to!

I am ALREADY sore, but that is probably a GOOD thing :)

And now to the good part:

1st Breakfast:
Just wanted you to see the time... 6 A.M. 
This is when I was getting ready to leave, and taking an awkward picture with my banana. 

2nd Breakfast After CrossFit: 
 Peach? Nectarine? I can never tell the difference
 2 egg omelette w/ cheese


Chicken & Green Beans. 
Best way to eat them in a hurry?
With some Italian Salad Dressing sloshed on top. 


Dined at the bf's house tonight, it was DELICIOUS
My plate had all of the following on it:

Steamed Veggies

 It was like a DREAM come true!

There were so many veggie options to pick from - 
It was wonderful, and RELIEVING to see a table stuffed with veggies,
and not the usuall assorted bread products and desserts. 

I ended my night studying Biology with Jeff. 

Apparently Biology is not my strongpoint?

I have failed two tests so far...

Yeah its not looking good for me. 

I wish watching this show actually made me LEARN science:

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